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Tesla cars approved as government vehicles in China

Cars became Tesla-approved as government vehicles in China This decision is considered the first of its kind for a foreign-owned car manufacturing company.

This decision could open the door to major government sales in the country.

Over the past few months, Tesla has made a lot of progress in getting closer to the Chinese government.

Tesla Model y approved as a government vehicle in China

The automaker has solved its problem of being identified as a security risk by changing the way it handles data from its cars in China, and that has also opened the door to the possibility of its fully self-driving system being approved for deployment in the country.

This came after CEO Elon Musk visited the country and met with a few high-level government officials.

We have now learned that the Jiangsu provincial government has approved the Chinese-made Tesla Model Y as a government vehicle.

That means any level of government in Jiangsu, a province of 85 million people and the richest per capita in China, can buy Tesla Model Y cars.

Tesla is the only foreign-owned automaker on the list. Volvo is also on the list, but it is owned by China's Geely.

There was some public objection to the announcement in China, but the government stressed that it only applies to Tesla Model Y cars made by the automaker in China.

Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai is now the automaker's highest-production factory in the world.