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One Hour of Comfort: Tesla's Self-Driving Drive Amazes Owner

A Tesla owner tested the self-driving software and it managed to drive the car for a full hour without any driver intervention.

A Tesla user revealed that Tesla cars from 2016 and up, equipped with self-driving software, can drive without human intervention and without using hands for a full hour.

This was in a video he posted on the X platform and on YouTube, where he revealed the ability of the self-driving program to drive and park by itself.

Tesla owner enjoying the comfort of self-driving technology

One Hour of Comfort: Tesla's Self-Driving Drive Amazes Owner

A Tesla owner revealed in a video on the X platform and on his YouTube channel, an 11-minute video and a self-driving Tesla car that drove the car for a full hour.

“Any post-2016 Tesla can now drive an hour from Palo Alto to San Francisco completely hands-free,” the owner said.

He described the experience, saying, “It’s like having your own personal Cal Train that you can park in your garage. Tesla is an essential tool for serious people.”000

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the video creator by saying: “Yes, it’s great. Once you use Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software – FSD – to navigate, you won’t use any other car.”

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Software

Tesla's Full Self-Driving and Full Self-Driving Capability ( FSD ) systems are a suite of driver assistance features designed to make driving a Tesla easier and safer.

However, they are not self-driving systems and require the driver to remain alert and ready to take over at any moment.

Tesla's Self-Driving Software Features

Tesla's Full Self-Driving system includes features such as Traffic-Aware Cruise Control ( TACC ) and Autosteer.

TACC automatically maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front of you, while Autosteer helps keep your vehicle centered in its lane.

FSD adds additional features to fully autonomous driving, including the ability to automatically change lanes, navigate highways, and obey traffic signals and stop signs.

It's currently in beta testing, which means it's still in development and not available to all Tesla owners.

Important Notes About Tesla's Full Self-Driving Software

Neither Autopilot nor FSD will make a Tesla self-driving. You are still responsible for driving safely and must be prepared to take control of the vehicle at any moment.

Autopilot and FSD features can be disabled at any time.

Tesla is constantly improving its Full Self-Driving system and FSD, and new features are being added all the time.