Renault Austral 2025: Information available about the updated sports SUV

The Austral SUV is slated to receive a complete redesign inspired by the flagship Rafale model, featuring upgraded technology and a revamped engine system.

Prepare a car Renault Austral, which debuts in 2022, is a recent addition to Europe's booming compact SUV segment.

Despite its youth, Renault is already preparing for a facelift that will debut before the end of 2025, aligning its design with the overall aesthetic of the Renault family.

Renault Austral 2025

Here are the details and the most prominent information available so far that have been revealed by Renault.

What's new in Renault Austral 2025

Following the Captur facelift, Renault's Austral, Espace, and Megane E-Tech will be the only models to retain the French brand's older headlight design.

As a result, the mid-life refresh of the Austral will focus primarily on updating the facial features, a refresh inspired by the flagship Rafale SUV.

An exclusive render by CarCops shows a pair of sharper LED headlights, arm-shaped DRLs, a darker grille, and a revised lower bumper insert.

These features adhere to the design language developed by Gilles Vidal, Renault's current head of design, who previously worked for Peugeot.

The rest of the Austral's bodywork will likely be carried over, as the model still looks quite modern.

The only exception could be the taillights, which could be simpler and more aggressive in design, resulting in subtle changes to the tailgate.

Similar visual upgrades could be made for the Renault Espace, which debuts in 2023 as a longer version of the Austral with an optional three-row, seven-seat layout.

Interior updates for Renault Austral 2025

Interior updates are expected to be more subtle, with Renault's all-digital OpenR cockpit for the Austral being the company's latest offering.

However, the SUV could benefit from upgraded software that adds more connectivity, comfort, and safety features.

Furthermore, designers can provide new options for upholstery and décor, incorporating more sustainable materials throughout the cabin.

The new Renault Austral 2025 platform

Renault Austral will continue to use Renault Group's CMF-CD architecture, which is shared with the Espace and Rafale crossovers.

However, there may be some changes to the powertrain to ensure that all options comply with the upcoming Euro 7 regulations.

Renault Austral engine

  • The four-cylinder 1.3 TCe powertrain is expected to be phased out in favor of an updated three-cylinder 1.2 TCe unit.

  • Renault could also add a dual-clutch automatic gearbox to the 1.2-litre model, replacing the current six-speed manual transmission.

  • While many of its competitors will offer electric models by 2025, Austral will continue to use internal combustion engines. However, it is expected to have a higher level of electrification to improve efficiency and performance.

  • Wait to learn more about the 2025 Renault Austral as its debut approaches, especially when Renault begins testing development prototypes on public roads.


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