Elon Musk hides the Disney+ app from Tesla cars in response to the Disney president

Elon Musk removed the Disney app after it stopped advertising on his X platform

In a controversial move, it appears that the latest update to...Tesla, He hid the Disney+ app from the main interface after Tesla and X-platform head Elon Musk had a dispute with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Tesla has removed Disney+ from some of its vehicles

The news was first reported on social media earlier today, including accounts like Tesla Software Update on Twitter OX previously.

Elon Musk hides the Disney+ app from Tesla cars in response to the Disney president

  • A number of affected Tesla owners found the Disney+ app missing from their Tesla Theater after installing the latest vehicle update.

  • A number of =4>For this year (which is still rolling out to all Tesla vehicles nationwide.

  • Affected owners will no longer see the theDisney+ app which can be launched from the car's home screen.

  • However, not all owners miss the app. It seems that only those who have not launched theDisney+app previously are missing the shortcut inTeslaTheatre.

  • But what appears to be is that the application itself was not deleted from the car, but rather was hidden from the main interface to make it difficult to access.

  • Owners soon discovered that the Disney Plus app shortcut reappeared if they went to the streaming siteDisney+in the browser inside the car's screen a>.

The reason for the dispute between Elon Musk and the President of Disney

As for the reason for Tesla making this decision, the dispute began between Elon Musk and Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, after Disney announced the cessation of sponsored ads on the X platform to accuse Musk of approving the escalation of hate speech on the platform< a i=1>.

This is due to the fact that

Electrek magazine, which focuses on electric cars, claims the move was intentional and also cites an unnamed source saying Tesla gave Disney A warning that it would remove its application from Tesla cars early last week.

Tesla reportedly changed its mind from removing the app entirely for all owners to removing and hiding the app only on some cars and not for all Tesla owners.

Again, it's not clear if this is an intentional removal or just a bug as a result of the update.


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