Musk is considering visiting China for a possible meeting with the prime minister

 China is very important to Tesla

China is hugely important to Tesla, and the company's dedicated facility in the country, Gigafactory Shanghai, already serves as a major export hub for the electric car maker.

The management of Mascot is therefore concerned with making sure that business operations are conducted as smoothly as possible in China.

Musk is considering visiting China

According to Reuters, who purportedly spoke to people familiar with the situation, Musk intends to travel to China as early as April.

According to the publication's sources, Musk plans to meet Chinese Premier Li Qiang during his trip.

The exact timing of the trip will then depend on the availability of the administrator.

Tesla and the Chinese State Council Information Office have not responded to the most recent reports.

China is Tesla's second-biggest market after the US, and Giga Shanghai, in addition to serving as the company's primary export base, is its largest volume manufacturer.

The facility makes crossovers for the Model 3 and Model Y, which are both domestically and internationally sold.

If the reports prove true, it will be the first time Musk has visited China since the pandemic began.

This will be Musk's first visit since Xi Jinping secured a third term as China's prime minister.

Musk last visited China in early 2020 during his first customer event at Giga Shanghai.

The event became notable online after Musk performed an impromptu dance on stage.

Despite not visiting the country physically, Musk has made his presence felt in the country by participating virtually in forums such as the World Internet Congress in China.

Musk and Lee are no strangers to each other.

Prior to the Shanghai facility's launch in 2019, the two had a meeting.

The former chief minister of state served as party secretary in Shanghai, overseeing the construction and opening of the Tesla factory.


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