Denmark: Huge jump in Tesla deliveries in the first quarter

Tesla deliveries in Denmark rose during the first quarter of the year, indicating a very strong delivery number overall, which is expected to be confirmed at a later date.

After briefly approaching an all-time low of $100 per share, the price of Tesla stock has been gradually increasing over the last two to three months.

Denmark: Huge jump in Tesla deliveries

But as part of this ongoing recovery, investors are hopeful that the automaker will deliver a continued upward trend for deliveries, showing that supply and demand capabilities remain strong.

In Denmark, where Tesla sales skyrocketed in the first quarter of the year, this overall success has now been seen.

The first person to mention the remarkable sales achievement was Twitter user Mathias Fonz, who tweeted that not only did Tesla sell more cars in Denmark during the first quarter than in 2022, but also that the Model Y became the best-selling car ever. debut inside the nation.

In March of this year, Tesla sold a total of 3,209 Model Y units.

And Tesla Club Denmark noted that the American automaker has also become the best-selling brand in the Scandinavian country, easily beating out traditional market leaders Volkswagen and Toyota.


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