Toyota revives its Sports 800

Toyota has given us some of the most iconic JDM sports cars ever, from the beautiful 2000GT to the legendary MK4 SUPRA and the humble rocker of the GR86.

But there is one car without which these symbols would not exist - the Toyota Sports 800. The S800 of the 1960s was Toyota's first sports car. Kei was confined to Japan and thus the rest of the world didn't get to enjoy this gem.

But Timothy Adore Emanuel created the exclusive 2023 Toyota Sports Car to remind us of Toyota's sports car roots.

Toyota Sports 800

  • The modern Sport 800 features lightweight construction, a flexible powertrain package, and, above all, a spirit absent in most modern sports cars. Toyota plans to revive the MR2, but we think they should bring back the 800 Sport. Even the Mazda MX-5 Miata would struggle in the presence of the S800!

  • Rumors are floating around about a Toyota MR2 revival as a hybrid sports car or even as a photovoltaic sports car. Ask any true JDM fan, and they'll tell you the move clearly wobbles the legendary JDM sports car. We're here to ease that pain by bringing Toyota's first-ever sports car to life in a modern avatar.

  • The Toyota Sports 800 exclusive HotCars concept brings back the lost spirit of pure cars to sports cars.

  • Our revival of the S800 is much larger in dimensions. But if you look at how big today's small cars have become, like the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Gold, the 2023 Sports 800 is still Kei's car.

  • We've stayed true to the original S800 and the Toyota Publica Sports Concept on which it's based. Timothy gently expanded on the design of Shozo Sato and the geometry inspired by Tatsuo Hasegawa's aircraft.

  • The long front end flows smoothly upward into the sharp rear end of this sports coupe.


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