Nissan Ariya EV price dropped after a huge discount offered by Toyota

Comprehensive discount on electric cars in China Nissan is lowering the prices of its first electric SUV, the Nissan Ariya, in China to stay competitive in China's burgeoning electric vehicle market.

Nissan lowers the price of the Ariya electric car after Toyota in China.

Nissan Ariya EV price dropped

Less than a week after Toyota slashed the prices of its first electric SUV, the bZ4X, in China, Nissan is following suit.

Nissan's joint venture in China, Dongfeng Nissan, displays the promotion on the front page of its website. The discount for a limited time is 60,000 yuan (about $8,700) with a starting price of 224,800 yuan (about $32,800).

The move follows Toyota, which cut the price of its flagship electric SUV by 20,000 yuan ($4,300) last week, or 15% with a starting price of just under $25,000.

Meanwhile, after prices fell in January by as much as 13%, which caused many other brands in the region to implement similar price cuts (for example, XPeng also cut prices by 13% soon after), amid " Demand Concerns" Tesla appears to have found its groove again.

Tesla has updated its online configuration tool for its models in China, showing a 2,000-yuan increase over the Model Y Long Range, starting at 311,900 yuan ($45,473).

The new Nissan Ariya EV promotion will run until March 31, according to the automaker's website. While the Ariya isn't Nissan's first electric vehicle to launch in China (they also have a Sulphy Zero Emission), it is expected to play a pivotal role as Nissan looks to increase its share of the world's largest electric vehicle market.

Nissan sold just 1,205 pure electric vehicles in China in 2022, the lowest among Japanese automakers that as a group have generally lagged behind in going all-electric.

Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda have both indicated that they will accelerate the deployment of EVs recently: will Nissan do the same?

Take Electric

Price reductions, increases, or in general a good indication of demand. With both Nissan and Toyota's prices dropping significantly, it appears they are trying to increase their position in the world's largest electric vehicle market.

China's electric vehicle market continues to expand rapidly as legacy automakers and startups race to claim their niche.

With Toyota's bZ4X now starting at under $25,000 and the Ariya at over $32,000, Nissan may continue to face challenges in the region.

We'll see how price cuts play out in a critical year for automakers in 2023 as the industry undergoes one of the biggest transitions in history.


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