Nissan uses the TikTok platform to promote its new Ariya electric car

The Japanese automaker Nissan Motor invited hundreds of users of the social networking platform TikTok to post videos pronouncing the name of its latest electric car, the Nissan Ariya.

"We loved the idea of using celebrities to draw people's attention to this new pronunciation and then using a group of content producers with different numbers of followers to create a stream of content (for the new car's name) on the Tech platform," Nissan USA director of advertising Alison Witherspoon said in an email. Tok".

new Ariya electric car

The Automotive News website, which specializes in automotive topics, indicated that the TikTok platform is not new to Nissan's strategy to use social media platforms to promote its products.

But Nissan has begun to prioritize the Chinese platform after integrating it into its promotional campaign during the annual NFL championship game this February, according to Witherspoon.

Over the past year, Nissan has experimented with the use of TikTok materials and sought better ways to interact with customers on the platform.

Even before the start of using the TikTok platform, Nissan agreed with Internet activists (influencers) to carry out a wide range of promotional activities, from famous internet stars like Larson to sports heroes like Heisman and celebrities like Brinkhoff.

Nissan also began using TikTok content producers who used Nissan cars as their personal cars to share the content produced by these developers as promotional materials for the company, which broadcasts this material on its official page on the TikTok platform.


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