Tesla is recalling 35 Semi trucks for a parking brake problem

The electronic parking brake valve unit may fail to engage due to an air leak allowing the truck to roll over

Four months after beginning deliveries of the electric truck, Tesla made its first-ever Semi truck recall due to a brake problem.

Tesla is recalling some 2023 model-year trucks due to a defective electronic parking brake valve module (PVM).

Tesla is recalling 35 Semi trucks

When the parking brake is activated, the PVM system may fail to move into the park position, obviously, if the parking brake is not applied as expected when the driver releases the brake, the vehicle may roll, increasing the risk of a collision or rollover with a large truck compromising safety The driver and other car owners on the road are at risk.

Based on a report by Tesla about the Semi truck recall, the statement said, "Some Tesla Semi trucks are equipped with a supplier-electronically controlled parking brake valve module that may fail to shift when the parking brake is applied or disengaged on an intermittent basis."

Tesla notes in the recall notice on the NHTSA website that 35 Semi trucks are likely affected by the issue, and all are expected to contain the brake defect disclosed by the company.

Recall Semi Trucks The vehicles in question were manufactured between November 30, 2022, and February 28, 2023, according to the safety recall report. Affected vehicles are identified using vehicle manufacturing records.

The fix is to replace the Intellipark Valve Module, which Tesla Service will do for free, but the problem won't go away with an over-the-air software update, as most Tesla recalls do where you need to go to a Tesla repair center or workshop to get the module replaced.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has manufactured defective parking brake valve modules, the supplier specifications may allow the part to leak excessive interior air, preventing pressure from building properly and causing the valve module to fail to travel when the driver applies the parking brake.

According to the report, the supplier's replacement stop valve modules have improved internal components that seal air leaks. Tesla Semi cars equipped with the defective valve module not yet delivered to customers will have the part replaced before it arrives.

PepsiCo is the only customer to have received the Tesla Semis so far, so it's likely many of the affected trucks are in its fleet.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems notified Tesla of the defect on February 13, 2023, and based on field issues reported by its customers, the supplier notified the automaker of its decision to file a recall for the component in question.


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