A new video of the Cybertruck

Everyone is waiting for this truck.

During Elon Musk's remarks at the grand opening of Tesla's engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, the CEO mentioned that the company has a number of pre-production models of the Cybertruck that employees can check out.

Photos and video from the event indicated Musk was right, as at least two Cybertruck units were filmed at the event.

new the Cybertruck

And this weekend, some aerial footage of what appears to be a demo version of the Cybertruck was shared online.

Footage shows the all-electric pickup truck driving around what appears to be a parking area.

As Elon Musk has mentioned many times in the past, the Cybertruck looks a little unreal when it's in motion.

  • There are some interesting things to note about the Cybertruck that have been seen lately.

  • Sharp side mirrors and darkened wheels suggest it's a production experimental unit similar to the Cybertruck spotted in Palo Alto earlier this month.

  • This time, the fully electric pickup truck and its fully enclosed hood can be seen.

  • The rear "tonneau" is painted black, providing a good contrast with the rest of the truck's silver body.

  • Also worth noting is the fact that the Cybertruck in the video appears to be having some issues.

  • This was hinted at by the fact that the all-electric minivan was cruising around with only the left headlight on.

  • One of the Cybertrucks brought to the Engineering HQ event - possibly the same truck seen in the aerial video - had some light issues as well, with only a left rear light turning on.


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