Responsible Minister: The announcement of the Tesla factory in Mexico is imminent

In recent comments, Mexico's foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, has indicated that Tesla is preparing to confirm that it has chosen Mexico as the location for its new factory.

Ebrard also noted that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is looking forward to speaking with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador about the facility.

"Very soon, we will have confirmation that this company, which is very important, which is very close to the electric mobility priorities that we are promoting, has chosen Mexico to increase its presence," said the senior diplomat.

The announcement of the Tesla factory in Mexico is imminent

Ebrard didn't share time for Musk's expected to call with the Mexican president, and he's also been very silent about the location of Tesla's potential factory.

However, the minister made it clear that such topics "will be discussed in the call."

Mexican President Lopez Obrador has raised some possible locations for Tesla's facility in the country.

Earlier this month, he noted that locations like Nuevo León and Hidalgo are leading the race so far, as reported by Reuters.

Tesla has ambitious plans for the coming years, as the company looks to achieve an annual run rate of 20 million vehicles by the end of the decade.

In order for the company to have a chance at achieving this goal, Tesla will have to build and install many more giant factories in the coming years.

Mexico is among the locations that appear to have been chosen by the electric car maker.

Apart from Mexico and Canada, countries like Indonesia and South Korea have been suggested as possible locations for Tesla's mega factory.

Among these locations, Mexico may have a slight advantage given that many of Tesla's suppliers are already located in the country.

Also, locations like Nuevo Leon are very close to the Gigafactory in Texas, Tesla's headquarters.


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