Check out the latest design of the Cybertruck

Watch for the Tesla Cybertruck continues, with the car heading for initial production later this summer.

In its latest guise, the all-electric pickup looks more compact than ever and sports a massive windshield wiper.

The latest sighting of the Cybertruck was spotted by a member of the vehicle's fan group on Facebook and shared on Twitter.

the latest design of the Cybertruck

  • This version of the Cybertruck appears to be more compact than previous designs, but it also seems that the overall dimensions are not obvious due to the shooting angle.

  • Although it hasn't been confirmed if this is the same Cybertruck that was spotted in early February in Palo Alto, it appears to have the same side mirror design.

  • It's interesting to note that Tesla continued to perform what appears to be routine testing of the pickup truck on public roads before starting production later this summer.

  • Musk confirmed in December 2021 that the final production design has yet to be determined and that the car is still undergoing a number of styling tweaks.

  • Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's chief vehicle designer, cited this as "what bothers him the most," and recently stated that the company had come very close to a final design for the Cyber track.

  • However, it might be reasonable to suggest that what's been spotted recently isn't what Tesla will bring to production at the Gigafactory Texas later this year.

  • The Cybertruck beta was "amazing" a few weeks ago, Musk said, leaving most of us speculating that the final build might be ready.


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