Russians resort to buying Chinese cars after the absence of other brands

Car consumers in the Russian auto market tended to buy Chinese cars, due to the abandonment of Western automakers.

Chinese brand agents took advantage of the absence of competitors in the Chinese market, which led to strengthening their position and consumers resorting to them.

Russians resort to buying Chinese cars

Chinese cars in Russia

Meanwhile, approximately 40% of new automobile sales in Russia are now made by Chinese brands like Haval, Chery, and Geely.

According to Reuters, many Russian car buyers consider the quality of some Chinese cars to be lower than that of Western competitors.

Industry experts in Russia said Chinese manufacturers need to boost their reputation even as their Russian market share soars.

Stepan, 28, is one of those people who needs to be persuaded by Chinese automobiles. Stepan has been driving Chinese cars more frequently when utilizing car-sharing services. "I managed to buy a Skoda in 2022, and if you want my honest opinion, the difference (with Chinese cars) is huge."

Czech carmaker Skoda Auto, part of the Volkswagen Group and one of several Western automakers with domestic auto production, is in the final stages of a deal to sell its Russian assets in the wake of Western sanctions after Moscow sent troops into Ukraine in February.

When buying his new Chinese car, Alexander, 74, looked for one that included Swedish technology.

I know (Geely) Togila has a Volvo engine, so I expect reliability will increase over time, he added.


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