Tesla's Fremont factory gets a number of improvements and upgrades

Tesla is constantly upgrading its factories.

Tesla's Fremont plant continues to receive improvements and upgrades to help produce electric vehicles, files show.

Tesla is constantly upgrading its factories, and through the daily running of the machines, things keep getting fixed, replaced, and refined to keep the manufacturing lines going.

Tesla's Fremont factory

However, Tesla does more than just routine maintenance of the production line at the Fremont plant.

Over the past year, the automaker has been preparing for a new Model 3 design and a possible refresh of the Model Y and has even begun preparing for battery production of the Cybertruck on the second floor of the factory.

Tesla appears to be making more improvements to the Fremont in preparation for a smoother manufacturing process and could prepare for changes to the production line to prepare for the new vehicles.

Over the past month, Tesla has made several improvements to its product lines, including updates to tools and installations, and files that have been leaked to the press.

These improvements were made in several batches and occurred on February 19, 23, and 24, as well as on March 2 and 3.

Tooling upgrades can help with everything from build quality to overall plant operation.

After hundreds of thousands of vehicles are built at the factory annually, upgrades are required to keep the facility in tip-top condition, especially since Tesla has a huge demand for its vehicles in the US.

In addition, new ground tools in the form of rollers and a winch were installed at the facility on March 9 and 10, respectively.

The changes at the factory come after several new manufacturing lines were installed to support Project Highland, which was the codename given to last year's Model 3 facelift.

Additionally, Tesla began implementing automated quality control in Fremont that would help monitor production quality earlier this year.


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