Tesla is not worried about the impact of US-China tensions on the Shanghai plant

The company continues to provide a good products and provide functionality.

American electric car maker Tesla is not concerned about political and trade tensions between the United States and China, while Chinese-born global production chief Tom Chu said operations at the Shanghai factory should be fine as long as the company continues to offer a good product and jobs, according to Bloomberg. news.

Tesla is not worried about the impact of US-China

  • Zhu, who appeared in public for the first time since moving from Shanghai to the Tslavie Austin headquarters late last year, was embarrassed after CEO Elon Musk asked him at the company's Investor Day about plans to increase market shares in China and tensions between the world's two largest economies.

  • "We have created a lot of jobs in the factory and with our suppliers, and we have contributed a lot to the local community," Zhu said. "As long as we are in demand in the community, I don't see that there is much danger."

  • As further proof of this, he highly praised the advantages of Tesla's highly domestic supplier network in China.

  • Zhou said more than 95 percent of the suppliers of Tesla's factory in Shanghai are local. He added that the company also employs more than 30,000 people in China and less than 20 expatriates. He continued, "We do our best to be local and I think this distinguishes us to compete with all the original product manufacturers around the world."


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