Irmscher is a German author who presents bold and different designs for the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y gets a flashy makeover and a fake spiderweb

Getting customized cars with different designs is what many car owners are looking for, which has already started in electric cars as well, including the Tesla Model Y.

The Tesla Model Y may not be sporty looking or different, but it packs some serious performance. To underscore that, German tuner Irmscher, known for his Opel offerings, has introduced a series of visual enhancements that ensure the Tesla Model Y's design is noticed and eye-catching.

Tesla Model Y

The resulting vehicle could easily take part in the next installment of the Fast and Furious movie series after this design and the various colors offered by the German tuner.

The bold exterior colors and Bodykit design seen in Irmscher shows are likely to appeal to Fast and Furious fans. The fake spiderweb-style grille, which the tuner refers to as a "specific air intake," is one of the standout features of the set. completely and serves no functional purpose.

In terms of ground clearance, the ground effects package, which includes aerodynamic bumper extensions, side skirts, and a rear diffuser, makes the Model Y look more like a Model 3.

Also added is a new set of 20-inch "Healey Star" wheels in a black or diamond-brushed finish that will add some extra flair to your Model Y.

Irmscher is a German author who presents bold and different designs

A larger rear spoiler on the tailgate completes the package, and owners who want to further customize their Model Y can opt for a dual-tone color treatment, which includes black paint on the hood and roof, as well as black Irmscher decals along the profile with another color of Their choices in addition to the color black.

Irmscher's offerings don't stop at the Model Y's exterior; It also offers interior upgrades such as stainless steel door sills, velour carpeting, and leather seat upholstery.

Those other interior options and those looking for extra performance should look elsewhere, as the electric powertrain remains unchanged, resulting in no extra speed on the stock model.

Irmscher has yet to reveal pricing for the Tesla Model Y upgrade package. Those who want to purchase the kit can contact the tuner to place an order. Other tuners, such as Novitec, Adro, and Delta4x4, have already begun offering upgrades to the electric SUV.

Thus, car modifications and customization are not limited to fuel-powered cars only, but also to electric cars, including the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y


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