Tesla rolls into the water and catches fire!

Elon Musk indicated in previous statements that Tesla cars could be like boats in the water after receiving some simple modifications in order to float on the water, but this incident is an indication that Tesla cars and electric cars, in general, should not be used in... Water so that the entire car does not catch fire like this.

Tesla rolls into the water and catches fire

At first , this accident involving a Tesla Model

Reports indicate that this accident occurred while the car was on a ramp designated for lowering small boats or jet skis into the water, but during this lowering process the car began to roll to the bottom of the ramp and was completely submerged in water.

The expected cause of a Tesla Model

Reports indicate that the main cause of the car’s ignition was the collision of the batteries installed on the floor of the car with some underwater objects such as rocks and other objects. Information continues that the car reached the water while some passengers were in it and they had difficulties getting out of the car until one of them jumped to open the doors and save them. All without injuries, fortunately.

After the car caught fire, it did not take long until the fire brigades arrived and decided to leave the car burning underwater so as not to expose the lives of others to danger due to the intensity of the fire, and because of the difficulty of controlling electric car battery fires in general.


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