Huawei Is breaking into the world of electric cars

The production of electric cars is not limited to car companies only, in the following article we will review the Huawei company that storms the world of electric cars.

Huawei officially launched its own electric car. This smart car can travel up to 180 kilometers to meet daily requirements. In the following article, Huawei breaks into the world of electric cars.

Huawei Is breaking into the world

Huawei Cars

We know Huawei as a big telecom company from China. In addition to the telecom industry, Huawei has also entered the automotive industry. After launching its first car, Huawei SF5. This time, Huawei launched an electric SUV and named it Huawei Aito M5 with special specifications.

Everyone wants a piece of the electric car. These days, it's not just automakers that are producing electric cars. Tech companies like Huawei are starting to venture into the field of electric cars as well.

The Huawei Dive ONE electric propulsion system is highly optimized for daily commuting and comfortable travel. This three-in-one electric drive system consists of a motor controller, a motor, and a reducer.

The engine of this car is capable of providing a pure electric battery life of 180 km for daily needs and more than 1000 km for long-distance travel. It connects to the rear motor, providing high performance with low power consumption.

electric cars

The most prominent specifications of the Huawei electric car

Two-wheel drive - four-wheel drive.

  • SF5 is equipped with a "Huawei DriveONE three-in-one" electric motor, which is a system composed of a motor controller, motor, and reducer. The vehicle has a range of about 180 kilometers in pure electric mode and more than 1,000 kilometers in long-range mode.

  • The latter is made possible by the "Hump Intelligent Range Extender System," which Huawei and Seres jointly developed. This consisted of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder electric and petrol range extender. The two companies have also developed a two-wheel drive setup for the SF5, which produces up to 543 hp and 820 Nm of torque. This results in a 0-100 km/h time of 4.68 seconds.

  • This powerful four-cylinder system can deliver a total power of 405 kW with a maximum torque of 820 Nm. You will have a comfortable travel experience with the SPE 200 AC asynchronous motor. The front and rear motors used in the drive system are intelligently distributed. The entire mechanism is good enough to keep up with your extreme driving.

  • As mentioned earlier, you can achieve 4.68 seconds per 100 km of acceleration. This amazing blend of humans and technology will ensure you are in complete control. Whether it is acceleration, braking, cornering, or other scenes are all under control.

High-strength frame design

The elegant body curves and pillar design not only give this car a premium look but also take care of your safety. SF5 adopts multiple thermocouple bodies composed of high-strength steel. It is durable enough to heat up to 1250 MPa and has tensile strength up to 1500 MPa. This car has gone through more than one hundred tastes to check the quality under different working conditions.

And since this is a smart car, it is equipped with the Huawei HiCar function. This establishes the intelligent interconnection between the user, the vehicle, and the homes. Your smartphone will connect to the smart cockpit within seconds. This wireless connects via Bluetooth and Wifi. You can easily take control and focus on your driving.

Huawei Voice

With Huawei's HiCar solutions, SF5 users can also easily switch usage between their smartphone and the car itself. For example, it can enable music played through a smartphone to be seamlessly transmitted to the car's entertainment system. The technology can also connect other smart devices, so users can power other devices with SF5.

The use of 11 acoustic units in the car allows you to enjoy the experience of cinematic sound effects. Huawei audio technology used in this car ensures low frequencies and powerful beats, almost like a live experience.

Exterior Color

  1. black gilt
  2. Silver gray titanium
  3. Pearl White

A unique comfort experience

  • The Huawei-powered electric car is also incredibly comfortable, with superior shock absorption and noise suppression. The 11-speaker 3D surround sound system is said to offer "opera-like sound quality".

  • In addition to all this, the Series SF5 features a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Rescue Recharge Mode (V2V) and a Camping Power Supply Mode (V2L).

  • "Huawei's state-of-the-art capabilities, built over more than 30 years, enable the automotive industry. The intelligent driving experience offered by our products will be unmatched. It aims to bring the digital world into every vehicle,” said Richard Yu Chengdong, Executive Director and CEO of the Business Group. Huawei consumers.

  • The new energy vehicle and consumer electronics industries will benefit from this exciting development, according to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group. In the future, in addition to helping partners manufacture better smart cars, we will also assist them in selling those vehicles through our retail network spread throughout China.


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