Tesla launches a new driving yoke with improved materials in July

Tesla pushed the steering yoke into the automotive field.

With the launch of the updated Model X and Model S in 2021, Tesla has pushed the steering yoke into the automotive field. Not everyone agreed, and the steering wheel retrofit available for yoke-equipped cars has proven popular.

So now Tesla has announced that an improved version of the controversial steering yoke will be available this summer.

Tesla launches a new driving yoke

Driving yoke in Tesla cars

Elon Musk started the road when he announced that the Model S Plaid, which will be released in 2021, would have a yoke instead of a steering wheel. Many of his followers insisted that driving with a yoke is better than driving with a wheel.

Even today, many people say they will never use a steering wheel again after driving with a yoke for so long, however, when Tesla offered to retrofit the steering wheel for cars that came standard with the square tool, it was well received.

Die-hard fans might like the yoke, but the vast majority of people jumped at the chance to retrofit.

The round steering wheel was only available for a week in stock before the retrofit sold out, Tesla appears to have restocked it, and the wheel is once again available for purchase at the time of writing.

Disadvantages of Tesla's driving yoke

  • The controversy surrounding the steering yoke mainly revolves around how uncomfortable it is when turning from lock to lock, most drivers have to do this when maneuvering in tight spaces.

  • Also turning the square yoke at speed is not as effective as turning the wheel, however, there is another problem with the steering yoke that bothers even the most ardent fans, after about 10-15km the vegetable matter covering it starts to flake off, but it is uncertain if this is Because of the shape or because the material is of lower quality than round wheels.

  • Many Model S/X owners are already due for a third warranty yoke replacement, that much is certain.

New improved yoke for Tesla cars

  • This likely has infuriated Tesla, too, because some owners have been told that a free trade-in won't be offered until a new design is available. A new yoke with better materials will be offered in July, a service advisor wrote in a Reddit thread. It's not clear if the word "improved" just means better materials or if it also means a better appearance.

  • A Tesla Cybertruck prototype on display at Investor Day 2023 features a new squared-off steering wheel. Some people still refer to it as a yoke, despite the fact that it's just that. Various BMW models, including the i3 and iX, have used steering wheels with similar shapes.

  • If Tesla uses this type of steering wheel for its Cybertruck, it stands to reason that it should be used on other models as well. It might be the best of both worlds, so it's wise to offer it as an alternative.

  • Now if Tesla is going to bring stalks back, this is the most requested feature right now, second only to the horn button in the center of the steering wheel. As is typical of most cars, according to social media reactions, the steering wheel buttons are simply not enough.


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