Tesla Cybertruck production nears

According to new details from Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed yesterday that he inspected the Cybertruck production line for several hours yesterday, essentially revealing that the first stages of manufacturing an all-electric pickup are near.

Tesla Cybertruck

"Musk wrote on Twitter, "Earlier today, I spent several hours inspecting the whole Cybertruck production line in Giga, Texas.

Musk's tweet revealed one thing in particular, the fact that the Cybertruck's manufacturing lines have been built, and there's already a production area swarming as production approaches.

Tesla has been trying to run Cybertruck production for a while, but earlier this year Musk revealed that initial production would begin this summer, and mass production would begin in 2024.

  • It's been a long time.

  • The Cybertruck, which was unveiled in November 2019, has been on the minds of Tesla fans ever since that night in Hawthorne, California.

  • It appears like Tesla is on the verge of beginning manufacturing soon after repeatedly delaying it.

  • There are many reasons for production delays, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hampered battery cell availability and supply chain efficiency.

  • However, Tesla has also been refining the design for some time, and the automaker's chief vehicle designer, Franz von Holzhausen, said the truck will have a robust and unprecedented design.

  • Most people familiar with Tesla's vehicle introduction probably expected the Cybertruck to be in production soon.

  • In the past, when Tesla conducted tests, vehicles close to initial manufacturing stages were frequently observed on public roads.

  • Cybertruck was no different.


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