Tesla Cybertruck spotted on the Fremont facility test track

On the company's test track, a Tesla Cybertruck prototype was discovered and it appears to be more production-ready than ever.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted

Thanks to a series of manufacturing upgrades, including the Gigapress in Giga Texas, the Tesla Cybertruck is very close to production.

Now, the Cybertruck has been spotted again, this time on the Fremont test track in California.

Aerial footage of the Cybertruck was first posted to YouTube by a channel called Chile Al100, which showed the Cybertruck entering and testing on a Tesla track alongside a series of other Tesla cars, including the first-generation Tesla Roadster.

  • Despite the Tesla Cybertruck's sheer size, it's expected to be a performance-oriented vehicle, with Elon Musk claiming it could outpace the Model Y.

  • Moreover, Tesla's truck offerings are set to be one of the strongest in the market, especially since they are likely to be equipped with Tesla's latest automotive technology, which has easily outperformed competitors in many other vehicles.

  • The exact specifications are still unclear, and even much of the final design remains unknown.

  • Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to see the Cybertruck's final design because production is set to begin this summer.

  • However, there is no doubt that it might swiftly rank among the most popular trucks on the market given the thousands of orders now on the waiting list.


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