Tesla's Texas facility produces 4,000 Model Ys in a week

Tesla recently scored a new milestone for Giga Texas, as the electric car maker announced that the facility had successfully produced 4,000 Model Y copies in one week.

Tesla's Texas facility produces 4,000 Model Ys

Tesla published the update to its official Twitter account.

Tesla celebrated the new numbers for Giga Texas by posting a short aerial video of the facility's workers partying around the Model Y.

"Congratulations to the Giga Texas team on constructing the 4K Model Y this week," Tesla wrote in a tweet."

While the Giga Texas facility's latest achievement is noteworthy, it came a few months after the facility achieved its previous completion milestone of 3,000 Model Ys per week, which occurred back in December.

A few days after the Giga Texas reached 3,000 Model Ys per week, the company's Giga Berlin plant in Germany, accomplished the same feat.

Since then, Giga Berlin's Model Y production has seen a rapid rise in production.

By late February, Tesla announced that Giga Berlin was capable of producing 4,000 Model Ys per week.

In addition, the manufacturer of electric vehicles disclosed in late March that the factory was already producing 5,000 each week.

On the other hand, Giga Texas looked like it was still on its way to the next stage.

Giga Texas is now working on a production pace of 5,000 units per week after reaching 4,000 Model Ys per week.

Achieving this production level would be an achievement for Giga Texas, as the 5,000-vehicle-per-week production run tends to be a common goal for Tesla facilities.

With Tesla building one factory after another, there will be times when production ramps up for the facilities altogether.

This creates a friendly competition of sorts, motivating each new plant to perform at its best.


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