Tesla offers unlimited overnight charging for just $1

Tesla has announced that it will be offering a new $30 monthly plan for unlimited overnight EV charging.

Tesla announced at its 2023 Investor Day event that it will be offering a new $30 monthly plan for charging electric vehicles with unlimited overnight charging.

A guaranteed $ 1-a-day charge while people sleep could be another game-changer for the US electric carmaker and, more broadly, for the US electric grid.

Tesla offers unlimited overnight charging

  • Tesla is usually referred to as a car manufacturer, but over the years, it can be seen that it is much more than that. The company now has its own utility company to provide better services to its car owners.

  • As part of Tesla's electric power retail division, it's collaborating with Tesla Powerwall owners to build its own network. Tesla can buy power from Powerwall owners and then sell it, helping to offset peak prices and ensuring there's a surplus of stored energy available in the event of an outage.

  • According to Electric News, Tesla's Virtual Power Stations program was a stepping stone to the company's power utility business, Tesla Electric. Tesla will be able to offer an overnight charging plan to owners thanks to the new section, however, it will initially be available only to Tesla owners. Powerwall living in Texas.

  • Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering Drew Baglino shared the following information about the upcoming $30 per month overnight charge program with Electric: “By this summer, we plan to offer retail electricity plans to people who own our cars that include unlimited overnight house charges for $30. dollars a month.”

  • He continued, "This is part of lowering our total cost of ownership, and we can do that because Texas has a lot of wind, and it's windy at night in Texas."

  • Texas currently relies on its own aging power grid, which, unlike other states, is not connected to the rest of the US grid. The Texas grid has been hit with stress and failure recently, so it's time for Tesla to step in and help in any way it can.

  • It will take some load off the Texas grid if Tesla owners sign up for the plan and charge overnight via Tesla's business. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously stated that a commercial battery power system could help overhaul the Texas grid storage system.

  • Tesla's electric plans for Texas are expected to be available in July 2023, with other locations following suit.


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