Tesla plans zero-precious metal engines, a supercharger, and a new model

With these plans, Tesla intends to accelerate its steps toward sustainable and clean transportation.

Tesla's investor day saw many discussions about the brand's plans for new manufacturing processes and battery technology, but it was light on new cars for this year's 2023.

Tesla outlined some key aspects of how it intends to accelerate its steps towards sustainable and clean transportation, including the launch of a new next-generation model that the company said would be less expensive compared to other models, but the company provided few details about its much-hyped model. And affordable.

Tesla plans zero-precious metal engines

  • At its Texas facility, the US brand made an expansive pitch to investors, and executives once again promised that the controversial Cybertruck would go into production this year — and said the technologies learned about its manufacture and construction would be used in a "next-generation model" of trucks and cars.

  • The company said these methods, which eschew the tried-and-true car production line process in favor of a more modular but parallel system, allow up to 50% cost savings and a 40% reduction in factory footprint, Tesla said at Investors Day.

  • Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen told investors at the event that while he wanted to show them the next-generation car, it would come "at a later time." However, later in the same presentation, Tesla's head of powertrains Colin Campbell stated that The company is working towards the absence of precious metals at all in the next-generation car engines, thus facilitating the manufacturing process and at the same time reducing the cost a lot, which facilitates the process of providing lower-priced cars.

  • He also stated that all Tesla cars after the Cybertruck will be based on the 48V electronics architecture, and predicted that the next specification drive unit, with 75% less silicon carbide, would have a "comprehensive cost of around $1,000 or £831".

  • "We don't believe anyone else in the auto industry is even close," he said. Tesla still aims to produce the car at half the price of the current Model 3.

  • Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla's director of charging infrastructure, also revealed that more than half of the company's superchargers in Europe are now open to non-Tesla models, and she also teased a new generation of charger, complete with a longer cable designed to make it easier to connect non-Tesla's to the system, and teased a "site" Supercharger charging around the diner.

  • Two wrapped vehicles appeared during the event, one of which appeared to be a sort of boxy MPV, while the other appeared to have a saloon silhouette, possibly an evolution of the Model S.


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