Elon Musk Just Announced First Humanoid Robot

You'll learn about the new humanoid robot that was just announced by Elon Musk. This robot is designed to help humans with tasks and could eventually be used in space!

Tesla Incorporated seems to be making lots of headlines these days and at this rate, there's no stopping them if you're a fan of tech like me you'd know their advances are massive and the latest one of them is the humanoid robots that could be used by you and me mind-blowing yeah.

Elon Musk Just Announced First Humanoid Robot
Elon Musk Just Announced First Humanoid Robot

Tesla AI Day Summary

let's get into it Tesla AI Day summary CEO of Tesla Incorporated and Tech Giant Elon Musk has brought out the newest prototype of a humanoid robot being created by his automobile company.

The robot named Optimus came out on stage at an event in Silicon Valley where it waved to the crowd and lifted its knees the tech giant said that Optimus was still in development but could be sold to people in a couple of years.

The company's Engineers state that the mass-market Tesla Bots would be experimented with by operating some tasks in the car plants and that sounds reasonable to me the model was wheeled onto the stage during a yearly Tesla AI Day presentation the audience was shown a clip of the bot completing easy tasks such as carrying boxes watering plants and lifting metal bars.

The controversial billionaire explained that the humanoids would be manufactured in mass at a price way lower than you expected at twenty thousand dollars and would be made available in five years or less musk talked about expecting abundance in the future the CEO added that is an essential change of civilization quite different from what we're used.

I can't wait Financial reviewers and investors have been uh skeptical about Tesla turning to Robotics and I can relate they instead advised the company to concentrate on programs closer to the company's main business of electric vehicles however musk asserted that he wished to decipher one of the most difficult issues with AI how to develop Machinery that can replace a human being sounds weird I know.

The attack Overlord who once gave caution about artificial intelligence becoming a danger to the human race explained that Tesla sought to make certain that the evolution to a civilization in which robots performed.

The attack Overlord who once gave caution about artificial intelligence becoming a danger to the human race explained that Tesla sought to make certain that the evolution to a civilization in which robots performed.

The jobs and humans got the advice was a protected one we always want to be careful we don't go down the Terminator path he warned making reference to a Blockbuster movie about killing a cyborg musk added that the company was designing safeguards comprising a stop-by that cannot be altered thank goodness I would just hate to be featured in another Terminator movie.

Is The Humanoid Tesla Bot Necessary?

  • Elon also maintained that shareholders of the company would decide if the company was socially accountable if the humanoid Tesla bot was necessary for fans of Elon Musk and Tesla myself included were fascinated by the reveal of the Tesla bot in California on the 30th of September.

  • I've loved the stage plays, too, but I don't think I'm the only one wondering why Optimus should be you know like a human while Musk fans and followers despise any criticism of any kind that Musk himself has made clear that Optimus is nowhere near ready. in order to launch.

  • The idea that was created for Tesla Bots is that they are qualified to serve in human environments with human tools People may feel more at home when working with a bot that looks like them, I mean if they are designed to look like me, they look great no matter what.

  • But the question is how practical they are, as Owen Nicholson, CEO of Slam Call which specializes in sensor-based vision, said a lot of companies are working in humans because it's interesting for the public to see, but robots that rely on wheels and even drones.

  • It's much easier to control how much work goes into just getting a human to stand up straight, the gigantic robots behind the Tesla robot seem OK after all the Tesla isn't A newcomer to the field, but Nicholson stresses that by the time of release.

  • The human had evolved into something more practical Nicholson adds that he put some bucks into creating more wheelbase robots, To be honest, I've seen a whole bunch of robots in various form factors that have been Created for cleaning Teaching to play chess and other games sing and dance All you can think of is someone somewhere working on a robot for them In all of these I chose two things Some robots work much better than others and presentations are hard.

  • The ever-go-to-plan robots these days have improved relatively quicker than human beings in the last 10 years.

  • The robots of this year are way more qualified than the ones that were produced years ago although it has been proven over and over again that the most remarkable robots happen not to resemble human beings warehouse robots Precision surgery robots and window cleaning robots and none of these robots are human-like.

The expectation may also be a fraction of the issue humanoid robots may be anticipated to work like human beings accomplishing a bunch of very tasks like holding a baby and making a coffee and mowing the lawn the perfect companion.

However Professor Helen Hasty of the national Robotarium in Edinburgh says humanoids are not expected to be able to multitask she said what's most important is that the robot is fit for the task it is designed for instance a robot built to labor in the kitchen might not need any legs but Wheels instead also robots built to operate with weak folks like in care homes, for example, may be adequately fitted to resemble a human being but of course not too much I for one do not look forward to getting freaked out in my old age.

A splendor known as The Uncanny Valley, suggests that if something is human-like but unbelievable, that thing becomes unsettling and even frightening in Professor Helen's words of history if it is human-like, it will defer human.

Musk's Plan For A Useful & Marketable Tesla Bot

Musk's plan for a useful and marketable Tesla robot. Other car companies like Honda Mojave and Toyota Motor have crafted humanoid robot models capable of doing technical feats like kicking a basketball for example but Tesla Incorporated Unaccompanied Lifting the Market Opportunity for a Marketable Humanoid Robot That Can Be Very Useful and Capable of Factory Work.

The next era of Tesla robots will use company-designed parts including the 2.3 chip system kilowatt-hour battery pack situated in the robot's torso and actuators to steer its limbs.

The Tesla bot is built to weigh 73 kilograms Engineers of the company like Elon were all putting on black t-shirts with a portrayal of a metallic robot hand creating the shape of a heart during the presentation explained how they formulated the Tesla Bot features even in Parts like how the fingers can move with an emphasis on bringing down the price of production we are trying to follow the goal of the fastest path to a useful robot that can be made of volume musk explained.

  • Asserts that by creating a robotics Enterprise the company is altered during the extent of a known goal assertion that has come to be a fraction of its attraction to climate activists and investors by dedicated to hastening the world's shift to sustainable power Optimus is not directly in line with accelerating sustainable energy.

  • The CEO said I think the main mission does somewhat broaden with the Advent of Optimus to you know I don't know making the future awesome Elon has defined the occasion as aimed at recruiting hands.

  • Onstage engineers answered to a gleaming crowd, as engineers recounted the procedure by which the company crafted the robot's hands and took advantage of collision simulation technology to assess the Tesla bot's skill at falling on its face and not breaking it—it was amazing stuff truly.

  • Presenting Elon Musk who previously talked about the dangers of artificial intelligence, he said the total deployment of Tesla Bots would have potentially changed civilization, but he made it clear that he believes the company's shareholders need to have a say in their actions if I go crazy, you can fire me.

  • He said that this is important, as the feedback from fans and followers on Twitter wasn't quite positive concentrated on the moment of Tesla's Growth Action since August 2021.

  • When the company announced its project with a publicity stunt featuring someone in a white suit simulating a human-robot if there's one thing musk knows how to do it's put on a show Henry Ben Amore a robotics professor at Arizona State University said musk's price Mark of twenty thousand dollars was a decent proposition since existing costs are around one hundred thousand dollars for humanoid robots.

  • There's some discrepancy between sort of the ambition and what they have presented Amore said when it comes to dexterity speed the ability to walk in a stable fashion and so on there's still a lot of work to be done also Aaron Johnson a mechanical engineering professor at Carnegie.

  • Mellon University also stated that the necessity of the robot was not certain It's impressive that they got to that level so quickly, it's still a bit mysterious what exactly the use case for them to make millions of those.

Self-Driving Cars First Autonomous Robots

The company also talked about its long-awaited self-driving technology at the event - drive cars' first autonomous robots next back in May mucus asserted that the most valuable car maker in the world would be worth nothing without attaining maximum self-driving ability and it encounters thriving regulatory inquiries and also technical hurdles.

Elon said months ago that beta testing of the company's entire self-driving ability would be available for Global release by the end of the year however certain restrictions depict hurdles musk prefers to have a priority and in 2022 it looks like it will be humanoid robots.

The Tesla Bots would be the most significant thing the company operated on in 2022 the tesla-bot Optimus would utilize the same AI systems that are supported in empowering Tesla cars.

Musk also stated that the 508 humanoid robots would feature a screen on its face and would be capable of lifting 150 pounds and traveling at about 5 miles per hour earlier musk told his investors that the Tesla bot's first use would be at a Tesla Factory but later in the future, he envisions it assisting to fix labor scarcities well I don't know about you but I believe that bumblebee would be so proud of Optimus what do you think about humanoid robots.

What was the first humanoid robot?

  • The first humanoid robot was believed to be designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1495. No one knows for sure if the robot was ever built. Other humanoid robots evolved from this design over time.

  • The first modern programmable robot was the Unimate. General Motors installed the first robot to work in a factory in 1961 to move pieces of hot metal. The character of Sophia captures the imagination of global audiences. She is the world's first robot citizen and the first robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme.

  • Robonaut 2 is the first humanoid robot in space. NASA and General Motors developed R2 to work alongside astronauts on missions.

What is the most advanced humanoid robot today?

  1. The most advanced humanoid robot today is AmerEca.
  2. Ameca is a development platform where AI and robotics technology meet.
  3. She is able to walk and climb stairs, and her facial expressions are realistic.
  4. Businesses can use her to inquire about info and for other business-related tasks.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this new development. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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