model y update 2023 is here with all new Features!

model y update 2023 is here with all new Features! Model Y is finally here and it's packed with all new features! We take a look at what's new and what's different in these updates.

The 2023 Model Y is here, and it’s bringing a whole host of new features! From an updated exterior design to a brand-new infotainment system, the 2023 Model Y is the most advanced car in its class. Keep reading to learn all about the new features of the 2023 Model Y.

model y update 2023 is here with all new Features!
model y update 2023

The 2023 model y updates are here and it brings with them a host of new features! Among these is automatic detection of rough roads, which is an excellent addition for those who often drive on less-than-perfect roads. 

The Long Range model also gets a more extended range (up to 330 miles) and the optional third row, while the rendering model gets quicker acceleration and a higher top speed. However, the Performance paradigm also has a lower range and a higher price tag.

Updates to the Tesla Model in 2023

  • Let's talk about the latest updates to the Tesla model in 2023. These are quickly becoming the most popular cars in the Tesla lineup, the best-selling car in the United States, the best-selling passenger car in China, and on their way to becoming the best-selling car in China.

  • The best-selling car by volume in the entire world and we could be talking about that as early as next year, the Model Y was also somewhat of a testbed for advanced EV technology with Tesla with new molded frame sections upgraded with battery cells and a new chassis battery pack Design at the GAM 2022 We expect to see a major change in the way the Y model has been built that hasn't really happened.

  • It kind of happened but not in the way we were expecting and now it doesn't look like it's happening at all for the time being at least we'll get into that not really, but aside from the battery tech, we know a bunch of new features that will be coming soon on the model and some features. Others are set for removal. 

  • Available options and booster packages that are already beginning to reduce wait times are available across all magazines, so let's get started.

The Giga Texas Model Y

This spring, Tesla began rolling out its first concept car from its new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. It was the first production vehicle to be equipped with a new battery cell 4680 and a two-wheel drive chassis battery with front and rear molding frame sections. It was by far the most advanced electric car in the world. The consumer in the world yet somehow.

Those early models came with bafflingly modest specs and rendering significantly lower performance than the current Y-engine, and slightly slower acceleration for what seemed to be a moderately low price tag that no one could actually order or buy, but some people did get some of those cars.

  • Sounds really nice and then Tesla decided to retool the factory and go back to production with the Model Y in the usual way, the same car coming out of the Fremont plant but with the added benefits of an advanced production line in GigaTexas.

  • We've seen that Tesla is still receiving the new 4,680 chassis battery cell at GigaTexas but appears to be only stocking it in storage and not putting it in vehicles at this time, so it's reasonable to assume that none of the models are delivered in America in the foreseeable future.

  • It will come with a regular skateboard battery 2,170 cell pack, which is a great battery that anyone should be motivated to have in their new car. We're definitely starting to see the benefits of increased Texas production in delivery times in the models now that things have been sorted and 4,680s are shelved.

  • GigaTexas is starting to do what it's supposed to do which is increase the availability of the Model Y and reduce the wait times that you can't even order a long-range Model 3 in America now they are now, so the increased capacity at the Fremont plant is a very clear illustration.

  • The difference the GigaTexas makes to the Model Y for American customers, you can get a typical performance early this month or at least sometime in October. It's the shortest lead time we've seen in a very long time and even for the widely popular Models Y Long Range The best of this is December and the worst case of April 2023 which is again a big improvement because it points this year when the delivery time was extended to the summer of 2023 with the long term.

  • It doesn't seem to matter which options you choose you still get the same delivery date, this is another improvement you can usually get a faster delivery date by equipping upgraded wheels or choosing a more expensive paint option but for the time being, at least that won't be a factor.

Price Goes Up

What you definitely notice on the model's order page is that each price rises e the cost of the long-range models at $66,000 or y70,000 for the rendering models.

The cost of the fully autonomous drive option has also recently jumped from $12,000 to $15,000 now. An increment of 25 and if you think that's a bad thing, try ordering the same feature in Canada where the price has been revised from 12,000 to 20,000 for an FSD increment of 50 plus the price of the improved autopilot has been raised from 6400 to 7800.

Now Tesla hasn't opted to increase the US price for the improved autopilot yet, at least if it could happen to us, it might happen to you and it might seem like Canadians are getting the wool there but if you look at the prices relative to the US dollar which is about 30% more valuable In proportion to the Canadian dollar we actually get at a relative price that is much cheaper than before And now the dollar values are basically even between the two countries.

New Features coming In model y

  • There are more features coming to the Tesla Model Y over the next few months. Of course, the unique and sometimes frustrating thing about Tesla is that they don't use their models for years for their car and they don't updates the car once a year like traditional vehicles.

  • Car maker Tesla rolls out a new feature as soon as it's operational. Sometimes, there will be a bunch of features that have changed once in other times. It's just one small change, but you don't really know it until after it happens, so here are some things you might do. reach the y form at some point.

  • There's a new report about a powered front trunk and rear trunk coming to the model, the website and not the Tesla app found a new update showing a shutdown animation for t It's uncommon in the latest Tesla software updates This may indicate a powered car is on the way, this is an updates Highly required for Model Y and every other Tesla.

  • Also now all the latest EVs are now from GM ford Vivian and lucid and come with automatic lids that open and close remotely, it's kind of like how the 3 models didn't have a powered tailgate for the longest time and then they finally added it in 2020.

  • But it's just more convenient, but if you've already used a front stud on a Tesla, you know how hard it can be, you can't shut it down but you have to press it in a very specific way and do it very gently.

  • The models are worse. You can really damage the hood if it doesn't close properly so it would be great not to have to deal with that soon. Also on the Models, Y would be steam integration for in-car gaming.

  • I'm personally very excited. Sure enough, on September 13th, Elon is currently testing Steam integration in Palo Alto California. This will open up a huge catalog of video games that can be played using the Tesla center screen so far we've only had access to specific games ported to Tesla and they are Very good but very limited.

Of course, to run an AAA video game in your car, it needs the latest AMD Ryzen processor equipped first with the updated models and Models X in 2021 giving the in-car system equivalent gaming rendering in PlayStation 5.

Fortunately, the Ryzen chip has recently moved to Models 3 and Models Y, so any car you order today will be fully capable of steaming if you receive the Models Y in 2023.

New Features coming In model y

1. Features Going out

You might be surprised that some of the features that will not be included in the stock steering column control for the turn signals and gear shifting will be removed from the Model Y at some point in the future. New Models S and Models X but as far as we know the steering yoke will not be included.

So the swivel steering wheel wraps around the Model Y but you'll have to activate the windshield wipers and turn signal headlights from the capacitive touch buttons on the wheel and you'll have to switch the car between neutral and reverse on the center touchscreen.

Change but it won't always be the right choice, so this isn't really a big deal especially if you're already a Tesla driver and you're used to the simple control layout but for anyone who comes to a Teslas Model Y or Model 3 from a traditional car this would be a pretty great adaptation.

2. Model Y Rear Wheel Drive

You may have noticed that North US is now one of the only regions in the world that has a standard rear-wheel drive range.

  • So what's the deal Y? This is a variant of the Model Y that was made at Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. It uses lower-capacity battery chemistry called LFP, which is much cheaper and easier to produce because it uses iron as the cathode metal instead of nickel and cobalt. The battery is paired with a single electric motor on the rear axle.

  • The rear-wheel drive system has been available in Asia since 2021 and recently appeared in Europe, plus it's much cheaper than the long-range models, usually around 20 percent or more depending on where you buy one. as yet reasonably fast with 6.6 seconds off 0 times.

  • There are currently only range estimates but they wish likely have about 270 miles of EPA-approved range The unfortunate thing is that we have a standard 3-range rear-wheel drive model readily in North US It comes with the same Chinese-made models, an FP battery pack, and a single motor and costs just $47,000 with estimated delivery between October and December.

  • There are currently only range estimates but they wish likely have about 270 miles of EPA-approved range The unfortunate thing is that we have a standard 3-range rear-wheel drive model readily in North America It comes with the same Chinese-made models, an FP battery pack, and a single motor and costs just $47,000 with estimated delivery between October and December.

  • The Y model has the plus-size benefits of increased cargo volume and rides height, so it's really good to have this much cheaper option available for the Y very likely we'll get a rear-wheel drive Y and that probably happens in 2023.

  • Looks like it's just a matter of increasing production. Maybe GigaTexas wish to reveal first what they're going to do about the 4,680 and stabilize things for the current product range whenever it happens again.

  • I think it's going to be soon and then we get another Model Y option available with the lower price point and that's when this car is go to take off right like lightning at about 50,000 or so that wish easily propel the Y to the top of the best selling car in the world.

  • We'll see a slew of these things on the road in the next few years as you try out a Teslas purchase.

Will the tesla model y suspension be updated?

The Teslas Model Y is set to receive an update to its suspension that wish improve the ride quality and decrease the 0 to 60 time. The update will also include a new third-row option for the tall Range models. The rendering models wish to continue to have quick acceleration and a higher top speed but wish to have a lower range.

Will the 2022 model y have a longer range?

Yes, the 2022 Teslas Model Y is expected to have a longer range than the previous year's models due to the inclusion of larger 4680 battery cells

These cells are estimated to increase the range by 16%, though Teslas believes that further improvements in batteries materials and vehicle design could result in an even greater increase of up to 56%. As a result, the 2022 Model Y is expected to have a range of 330-331 miles in the USA (EPA) and 331 miles in the UK (WLTP).

How much does a 2023 tesla cost?

The 2023 Teslas Model 3 wish has a starting price of $35,000. This is a significant increase from the starting price of the current Model 3, which is $27,500. The increased price is due to the refreshed design and updated features of the 2023 Model 3.

Despite the higher price tag, we expect that the 2023 Model 3 wish be a popular choice among EV buyers due to its range of up to 300 miles and its fast charging capabilities.

What year is the newest model y?

The newest Model Y is the 2023 Tesla paradigm 3. It has a longer ambit than the Model X and is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. It includes Tesla's latest active safety features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking, and has a higher top speed.

2023 Tesla Model Y release date

Edmunds estimates that the 2023 Tesla Model Y wish debut sometime in the winter of 2023, but buyers likely won't be able to receive the effective delivery of their new electric SUV for months. The 2023 Tesla Model Y is expected to have a starting price of approximately $61,000.

Tesla Model 3 release date 2023

Tesla Model 3 2023 release date The 2023 Tesla Model 3 is expected to be released sometime in the winter of 2023. However, due to the transition to Tesla Vision, buyers may not be able to receive their new electric luxury car for months. Despite this, Tesla could as yet deliver more than 2 million vehicles in 2023.

When will the model y be available in the UK in 2023

The Tesla Model Y wish is available in the UK in 2023. The automaker has slashed the waiting times for most of the Model 3 and paradigm Y cars to six to 10 weeks, the website showed. Buyers of the long-ambit version of Model Y still need to wait for 10 to 14 weeks after placing the orders, compared to 16 to 20.

Is model y performance upgrade worth it 

The paradigm Y rendering Upgrade is definitely worth the money. You are getting a car that is much faster and has a better ambit. The only downside is that you have to pay an additional $10,000 for the package.

Model y performance 2023

  • The 2023 Tesla paradigm rendering is expected to start at around $60,000. This electric SUV will have an ambit of up to 300 miles and wish to be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The Model Y wish also comes standard with all-wheel drive and 20-inch wheels.

All new features of the 2023 models update are now available! We hope you enjoy the new additions and improvements. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Do you have a Model Y on order now? Or are you sticking to a specific feature to show off or do you already have one, I'd love to hear your opinion of the new updates. What is your favorite new feature? Let me know in the comments below!


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