Tesla is offering discounts on its cars for December 2023, better than ever

The Model 3 is now priced at $35,090 and the Model Y can be had for $40,990.

As the year comes to a close, there are many things to consider: resolutions for the following year, tax items, and end-of-year deductions. Tesla.

Tesla's year-end deals are back in full swing, and they're pretty hefty on specific variants: anywhere from $2,760 to $5,100 for the Model 3 and Y.

Tesla is offering discounts on its cars for the month of December 2023

Tesla is offering discounts on its cars for the month of December 2023, better than ever

  • It's no secret that Tesla uses its most important year-end incentives to boost sales numbers. Over the past few quarters, the Texas-based automaker has spurred buying.

  • This is through free supercharging miles, purchase referrals, and direct discounts on vehicle purchase prices.

  • So far this December, Tesla has offered thousands of dollars in discounts on its inventory of both models 3 and Y and six months of free Super Shipping.

  • Interestingly, so far in December 2023, there haven't been any notable deals on the more premium S and X models.

  • While some demo models are surfacing, there are no discounts on new stocks.

  • Furthermore, free Super Charging is not available on the Model S and X, although Tesla is offering three free years for purchases made from April to June.

  • Before starting with these offers, it is important to note that not every region will have the same discounts. Many factors likely go into these pricing schemes, including regional inventory, customer demand, and more.

  • In other words, your local Tesla retail location may or may not have discounts similar to what's listed here.

Details of Tesla offers by the end of 2023

Here are the details of the discounts offered by Tesla on its various models in some detail.

Tesla Model 3 discounts

Subject to assortment Tesla Model 3 For some of the biggest discounts Tesla has offered yet. The rear-drive and performance Model 3 sees the biggest discounts, with up to 10% off MSRP for stock models.

Meanwhile, the long-running middle-child model sees a 9% discount on stickers at select retail locations.

The rear-wheel-drive model is priced at $36,730: $35,090 for the vehicle itself, a $250 non-refundable application fee, and $1,390 for the destination.

The Long Range model can be found for $43,490, or $41,850 for the sedan, plus Tesla's mandatory purchase fee.

Arguably the most emotional reduction is reserved for the Express Performance interpretation. With over 5,100 $  off its price, lucky buyers can find the Performance 3 for  47,530 $.

The actual price could be reduced when considering the $7,500 federal tax credit, which will disappear for rear-drive and long-range models in 2024.

The Model 3 RWD is the least expensive, coming in at just $29,230, taking into account the federal tax credit.

With discounts, the Long Range model is priced at a premium of $6,760 over rear-wheel drive ( RWD ), with an effective cost of $35,990.

Finally, the Performance 3 can cost up to $40,030 and is the cheapest electric sports sedan ever.

Tesla Model Y discounts

  • Discounts on Tesla Model Y are Not exactly impressive, though it's still in the $3,000 range, depending on where you cut it and buy it.

  • The single-engine Model Y can be found for just $42,630. The dual engines are a little more expensive, with the least expensive examples costing $47,200.

  • The high-end performance variant comes with a price tag of $50,460, taking all additional fees into account.

  • With the tax credit, prices can reach $35,130, $39,700, and $42,960.

  • The only time in Tesla's history when Model Y prices were this low was in early 2021 with the launch of the standard range variant.

  • It cost $41,440 at the time and did not qualify for the $7,500 tax credit.

  • Although the new Model Y RWD is a little slower, it offers more range and can cost up to $6,310 less with the federal incentive.


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