Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.7, and BYD Seal on a test drive... who is better?

Which electric car is the most powerful: the American Tesla, the European Volkswagen, or the Chinese BYD? Watch the video to decide

Tesla Model 3The Volkswagen ID.7 and BYD Seal are three of the best electric car models in the world from 3 different continents.

So the three electric models had to be tested in terms of price, road performance and of course range.

Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.7, and BYD Seal

Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.7, and BYD Seal on a test drive... who is better?

  • The Tesla Model 3 has owned the global market for affordable electric sedans for the better part of the past five years.

  • But competition has become intense, whether from China or Europe. Among the most prominent competitors to the Tesla Model 3 at the present time are the Chinese BYD Seal and Volkswagen ID.7German.

  • So it was necessary to find out which car was the best at testing all three electric sedans side-by-side in the UK.

  • Keep in mind that the Model 3 shown in the video is the facelifted Highland version that the US hasn't gotten yet.

  • The test consisted of a 556-mile round trip from London to Wales, which gave testers plenty of time to evaluate the three electric cars in different scenarios, including motorway, secondary road, and city driving.

Tesla, Volkswagen and BYD test results

The road trip also provided an opportunity to compare the charging experience of the three electric sedans. As you can imagine, the  Tesla Model 3  has a huge advantage over its competitors: an extensive and reliable supercharging network.

Keep in mind that some Tesla Superchargers are now accepting non-Tesla EVs as well, with the use of Seal WORLD The VW ID.7 was effectively a one-stop shop in Wales during testing – albeit at a slightly higher price per kilowatt-hour than the Model 3.

Besides being the cheapest, the Tesla was also the fastest and easiest to charge. The men also agreed that the Tesla Model 3 has the best interior design ever tested, having taken a big step forward from the previous model.

The Tesla is also the cheapest of the three electric sedans, starting at just under £40,000, while the BYD costs £45,700 and the Volkswagen costs £55,600.

However, the ID.7 is a larger car and comes in a fully loaded launch version; More affordable variants will follow.

Charging costs and efficiency of Tesla, Volkswagen, and BYD cars

  • When it comes to shipping costs and efficiency: I need style3 Highland It took 59.2 pounds of charge to cover the trip — half the cost of what the ID.7 requires — and averaged 3.6 mph versus 3.1 for the BYD Stamp and 2.8 for the VW ID.7.

  • To make the comparison as fair as possible, the guys took the electric sedans to the Millbrook Vehicle Testing Ground where they simulated highway, country, and city road driving in winter conditions, and took turns as drivers as well.

  • Tesla won again, but the real story here is that the ID.7 's cold-weather range was 48% less than the claimed range, compared to a 33% decrease for the Model 3 and a 23% decrease for the BYD Sell.

  • Watch the video to know the full details and numbers; In addition to the winner in the end, which is clear, of course, and does not require guessing.


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