Tesla Giga Berlin celebrates one year of car production

Over the past year, a lot has occurred at Tesla's Giga Berlin.

As Tesla unveiled two new color options exclusive to Berlin-built vehicles, the facility's paint shop took center stage.

Model Y production has also been increasing at a steady pace, reaching 4,000 units per week late last month.

Tesla Giga Berlin celebrates one year

But Giga Berlin is just beginning.

It's an impressive facility today, but it's still picking up its pace.

One year in production for the cars is still an impressive feat though, which is why it's no surprise that the electric vehicle maker shared a commemorative post about the facility's landmark recently.

Using the TeslaEurope Twitter account, the electric vehicle maker shared a stunning photo of the Model Y next to Giga Berlin.

“"We shipped our first Made in Germany product a year ago,” he said.

  • The media closely followed Gigafactory Berlin's first car deliveries last year, especially since final environmental approval for the facility took a long time.

  • The construction of the facility itself was not long in spite of a number of delays, but the time it took for Giga Berlin to secure permission to produce Model Y crossovers was considerable.

  • At that time, Giga Berlin encountered additional difficulties, like criticism from neighborhood environmental organizations, but the facility has continued to expand its activities.

  • This culminated last month when the electric automaker announced that the German-based facility had produced an output of 4,000 Model Y crossovers per week.

  • According to recent reports, Tesla has begun the application process for the Giga Berlin expansion, which will allow the facility to produce 1 million vehicles annually.


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