Tesla Fremont is preparing for the start of end-of-quarter sales

Tesla is clearly gearing up for the very popular end-of-quarter push at the Fremont plant as the first quarter comes to a close.

Tesla routinely used the end of the season to pack as many deliveries as possible to secure strong sales numbers.

It's been a regular occurrence for years, and 2023 is no different.

Tesla Fremont

As the automaker prepares to secure its last deliveries before the end of the quarter, the Fremont plant is swarming with vehicles rolled off production lines as it prepares to start pushing vehicles onto pickup trucks and into customer aisles in a bid to bring in stronger-than-usual numbers.

A video from the sky from the Met God in Wilderness, shows the Fremont plant packed with vehicles ready to deliver to customers:

  • Tesla produces all four vehicles at the Fremont plant, the only factory that produces the Model S and Model X, which recently started deliveries of a new color just a few days ago.

  • Tesla is preparing to push these vehicles to delivery centers across the country.

  • With just over two weeks left in the quarter, Tesla is on track to deliver perhaps its biggest first quarter in the company's history in terms of deliveries.

  • It was able to avoid production outages and any kind of problems in the first quarter, which makes it an indication of potential strength in terms of delivery numbers for the quarter.


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