General Motors extends temporary closure at Mexican truck plant

General Motors has announced that it will extend the production shutdown at its Silao assembly plant in Mexico until March 20.

General Motors extends temporary closure at Mexican

The General Motors Group announced that it will extend the production stoppage at the Silao Assembly Plant in Mexico until March 20, which is responsible for the production of Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks until.

The GM plant was initially suspended from March 4 to March 12 due to a supply chain problem.

While the car manufacturer continues to deal with this issue, which is why production will remain paused until March 20th.

The general plans to resume production next week. It didn't specify exactly which supply chain issue it was facing but says it's not related to semiconductors, Automotive News reports.

"[GM] continues to struggle with some supply chain and logistics issues, but overall, things are still moving in the right direction," GM Chief Financial Officer Paul Jacobson said in January.

And this isn't the only production pause that GM has had to implement.

In February, it was confirmed that production at the Fort Wayne Assembly truck plant would be shut down for two weeks starting March 27 in a move to manage inventory levels.

while the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are currently built at the facility.

"Our production has been up over the past month while demand has remained fairly flat, which has increased inventory," GM spokesman Dan Flores told Auto News last month.

The factory constantly reviews and adjusts production schedules according to customers' needs, and all measures taken are in accordance with the provisions of the UAW-GM National Bargaining Agreement and the local agreement as confirmed by company officials.


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