The appearance of the Tesla Model 3 with new sports wheels, as never before

 It looks like Tesla has a Model 3 front and rear ends so there's no doubt that something is changing.

The Tesla Model 3 Refresh, which could be part of the company's "Project Highland", has been spotted coming with wheels like never before.

Tesla has been working on the latest version of the Model 3, codenamed "Project Highland", since the summer of last year.

The appearance of the Tesla Model 3 with new sports wheels

The Model 3 Highland is still covered in the front and rear bumper parts, but Tesla appears to have new 18 Aero wheels, and it's just a stock option for the car with the Aero covers removed.

There are still few details available regarding what Tesla will offer with Project Highland. However, there are many indications that Tesla will introduce a new infotainment system and interior features. Some speculate that Tesla may be looking to update the Model 3's design by giving it a facelift.

For what it's worth, the Model 3 Highland spotted yesterday appears to have a slightly different front fascia and appears to be a prototype.

Perhaps Tesla and other automakers are simply ramping up the development and testing of new electric vehicles.

Tesla is said to be working on an updated Model 3 under the codename "Project Highland." People have been seeing the Model 3 covered on the road ever since Project Highland was first revealed and the fact that it's likely been in development for some time.

Cost savings are expected for the Project Highland Tesla Model 3, and it's also likely to feature some updated design cues, though nothing spectacular, some people think the new Model 3 will be released alongside the updated Model S and Model X.

There is not enough information, but it may be the car with a steering wheel yoke anyway, we do not know much for sure, but it seems that Tesla plans to release the updated Model 3 later this year.

According to Electrek, Tesla may bring the Gigacasting method used in the Model Y to Model 3 production.

This would certainly make sense if the automaker was looking to save money, and would pave the way for a skeleton battery pack and possibly Tesla's 4,680 cells.

In the end, we still don't know much about what to expect in terms of the Model 3's design updates. We're expecting a new front fascia, especially since Tesla is testing Project Highland prototypes in that region. The latest version pictured by The Kilowatts also has new wheels, and the tip has been covered. back too.


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