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Xiaomi Introduces Chinese Alternative to Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Xiaomi's second model is expected to share its electric platform and motors with its slightly smaller sibling.

Despite being a newcomer to the automotive industry, and a startup, Chinese company Xiaomi is hard at work on its second model, the Xiaomi SUV, which is a Ferrari-like Purosangue.

Xiaomi's new luxury SUV - a Chinese alternative to Ferrari Purosangue

Xiaomi is launching its new car in response to the huge popularity of its first electric sedan, the SU7.

The first prototype of the new model was spotted wearing camouflage a few days ago, sparking speculation about possible designs for the upcoming electric car.

Xiaomi Introduces Chinese Alternative to Ferrari Purosangue SUV

The similarity of the shape of the Xiaomi SUV to the sedan is probably the most interesting feature.

Instead of completely redesigning the car and making it noticeably larger, Chinese company Xiaomi has opted to develop a model that looks like the Kia EV6, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and most importantly, the Ferrari Purosangue luxury car.

Chinese company Xiaomi has managed to strike a balance between a sedan and an SUV in its upcoming car.

That's why these renderings show the Chinese brand's second electric car, which has a slightly higher design than the sedan.

Fortunately, the design also incorporates many aspects of the car. Ferrari Purosangue For those who want to buy this luxury car, but do not have the money for it, Xiaomi offers the cheaper Chinese alternative.

Xiaomi's upcoming SUV design

The most eye-catching renders are the early renders brought to life by Sugar Design. They show the car’s front end, which looks almost exactly like Xiaomi’s sedan, but has split headlights for added style. A series of glossy black trim pieces up front add to the dramatic look.

You'll see gloss black side skirts and fenders elsewhere. The roof of the electric car has been modified to make it higher than the SU7 's.

The rear quarter panels have also been increased in size, which immediately shows the resemblance to the famous Ferrari when viewed from a three-quarter perspective.

EET China has posted a second set of images of the upcoming car online. They show a less sleek model with a higher front end, more angular lines, and fewer curves.

Its overall design is reminiscent of the Sugar Design concept, featuring a full-width light bar and curved LED taillights, just like SU7.

Xiaomi's upcoming SUV name

MX11 is the current nickname for the car. Xiaomi SUV, but that will change when it enters production. Most likely, it will run on the same "Modena" platform as the SU7.

But earlier this year, rumors suggested it would have a new architecture, and would be able to handle a range-extender option.