It's official: Pricing for the 2024 Purosangue will start at just under $400,000

People who are willing to spend this much money must be patient.

We've known for some time that the Ferrari Purosangue would likely cost roughly $400,000, but Car and Driver have released official confirmation from the automaker that says the base price before any options will be $398,350.

Part of that amazing price is a whopping $5,000 on destination fees, one of the highest rates out there.

Ferrari Purosangue starts at $398,350, give or take

Moreover, the initial cost can be larger.

A vehicle that is not an SUV has not been rated for fuel economy by the EPA, which means that a fuel tax fee has not yet been determined.

People who are willing to spend this much money must be patient.

Although Ferrari has not and will not confirm the number of orders it has accepted for its new car, reports suggest buyers are facing a two-year waiting list for one of the market's most sought-after pseudo-SUVs.

But we think it's worth the wait, considering how unique the four-door, four-seater is.

Its suspension is astonishingly advanced, and its rear-opening doors are a very distinctive and eye-catching gesture. The heart of the machine is its mid-mounted 6.5-liter V12 engine that produces 715 horsepower, enabling a top speed of 193 mph.

Ferrari achieved record results in 2022, and once Purosangue deliveries start, this pattern is set to persist.

The runaway horse also confirmed that it will launch four new cars in 2023, and the rich will be keen to ensure that they have them.

Among the expected arrivals is a replacement for the 812 to do battle with Lamborghini's next successor, the Aventador, while a special edition SF90, another version to be modeled on the sleek Roma, and perhaps even a muscular version of the F8 Tributo are also expected.

11 new models will follow over the next three years, which means the Italian automaker will launch 15 between now and 2026.


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