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Video: Rivian Launches Its First TV Commercial

Rivian has released what appears to be its first TV ad for the R1T and R1S, as spotted by a viewer over the weekend.

Ahead of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday morning, X user AdamUCF spotted Rivian's ad on TV, highlighting a series of shots of the recently updated R1S SUV and R1T.

Other users in the thread noted that they also saw the ad on YouTube TV, while some criticized the ad for being somewhat simplistic, not showing many vehicles, and looking too much like a traditional vehicle ad.

Rivian R1T truck navigating a forest trail, showcasing its off-road capabilities

Although Rivian has participated in a few other ads in the past, the company has taken a fairly conservative approach to advertising, only doing a few here and there.

In contrast to Tesla's advertising approach, Rivian appears to have been ramping up its advertising efforts over the past few months.

Launched Rivian The next-generation R1T and R1S were released last month, featuring the addition of a quad-motor variant and a number of design simplifications that make them more cost-effective to manufacture.

The manufacturer also launched For electric cars (EV) its own autonomous driving platform alongside the launch, which is set to be developed in-house.

A few weeks ago, Volkswagen also announced a $5 billion investment in Rivian, and the automakers plan to collaborate on upcoming electric vehicle platform programs.

Rivian also revealed the upcoming R2 platform in March, which is set to be a slightly smaller version of the current R1 line.

The automaker also continued to surprise onlookers by unveiling the R3 platform, bringing a budget-friendly compact electric car to the company's lineup in just a few years.