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Maserati unveils an all-electric boat... luxury, performance and sustainability

This would be the perfect companion to the Maserati Gran Cabrio Folgore allowing owners to explore the seas in style.

Maserati is keen to offer a combination of performance, luxury, and elegance, but what about sustainability? Maserati has unveiled an all-electric boat, to achieve this perfect combination for those with the money.

The company's new electric boat would be the perfect companion to the Maserati Gran Cabrio Folgore, allowing owners to explore the seas in style.

Maserati all-electric boat with luxurious interior

Maserati unveils all-electric boat

Earlier, Maserati unveiled several elegant cars such as Folgore Electric The Grecale, Gran Turismo, and GranCabrio, with which Maserati entered the era of electric cars in a strong way.

Maserati electric boat

However, its latest zero-emissions vehicle still doesn’t have wheels. In partnership with marine technology company Vita Power, the Trident is a luxury speedboat that uses an all-electric propulsion system.

American company Hodgdon Yachts created Tridente, which features a large Maserati logo emblazoned on the bow of the vessel along with a sleek carbon fiber hull.

Maserati electric boat design

  • The boat is 10.5 meters (34.4 ft) long and can accommodate up to 10 passengers, including the boat driver.

  • After a pleasant trip on the Maserati electric boat on the ocean, you can rinse off the salt with a freshwater shower on the spacious sun terrace.

  • Although the aft-facing aft deck sofa is probably the most comfortable spot, the cockpit can be set up for "eating or accelerating ."

  • Furthermore, under the bow, there is a small toilet and an enclosed cabin with a day berth.

  • Although it doesn't look big enough to accommodate ten people, it will come in handy if you need a place to hide from the midday sun.

Maserati electric boat motor

In a boat, Maserati Electric New and elegant, the Vita Power's all-electric powertrain generates 592 hp (441 kW / 600 PS).

It is less than the engine power. Maserati Gran Cabrio FolgoreTrio of 818 hp (610 kW / 829 PS) engines.

However, it is sufficient for a top speed of 40 knots (46 mph) and a cruising speed of 25 knots (29 mph) on the water.

Maserati electric boat battery

Power is provided by a 252 kWh battery. Maserati says the battery can be recharged in less than an hour but has not revealed the range.

Vita Power's specialized fast-charging offshore infrastructure makes this possible.

Maserati electric boat price

Of course, a Maserati boat is cheap, as the new boat comes at a price of 2.5 million euros ($2.7 million), making the Tridente speedboat more expensive than Maserati's road and track vehicles.