The Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss is an affordable off-road pickup

Chevrolet unveiled a new pickup truck with a distinctive design and performance, called the Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss.

Modern trucks have evolved into a premium item to own, and are elevated luxury vehicles that look more at home in parking lots than dirt roads.

So it's exciting that Chevrolet offers a no-frills, off-road-oriented pickup like the Colorado Trail Boss at a reasonable price that suits everyone.

Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss

This truck's as-tested price of $41,000 isn't exactly cheap, but for what the Trail Boss offers in terms of off-road ability, it's a great deal.

Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss engine

The Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss is available with a powerful 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 310 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque.

Despite the lack of a V6, acceleration is made easy thanks to plenty of torque that peaks at 1,250 rpm.

The torque figure is combined with enough power to quickly accelerate the truck to highway speeds.

It's not the most powerful Colorado, with that honor going to the ZR2's 430 lb-ft, but the Trail Boss has an additional 73 hp and 131 lb-ft.

This smaller engine outperforms the Colorado's previous V-6, produces more torque than the current V-6 in the Nissan Frontier, and delivers more power overall than any Jeep Gladiator.

Quick specs for the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss truck

  1. Engine: Turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder.
  2. Power output: 310 hp / 390 lb-ft.
  3. Towing force: 7700 lbs.
  4. The base price is $39,390.
  5. The price as tested by Motor1 is $41,195.

Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss off-road capabilities

On the other hand, the Trail Boss was purchased for its extensive off-road capabilities. Standard features include all-wheel drive, 32-inch all-terrain tires, a 2.0-inch suspension lift, a 3.0-inch wider track, an automatically locking rear differential, and hill descent control. Adding a skid plate costs $995.

The tires, lift and bodywork produce an approach angle of 30.5 degrees, departure of 22.4 degrees, and breakover of 21 degrees.

Not amazing numbers on a larger scale, but excellent at this price in the midsize pickup segment.

Unique driving mode

The Colorado Trail Boss also has a secret driving mode, which other off-road trucks lack. Terrain Mode is a single-pedal driving system, similar to that found in electric cars, that makes driving on difficult off-road easier.

Terrain mode controls throttle and braking using one pedal, instead of two. It's smooth and easy to use.

Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss test drive

Most of the Colorado Trail Boss's Motor 1 editor's time this time around was spent on the road, and his experience as a daily driver was mixed.

The engine produces torque, and the suspension is stiff but well-damped. Thick off-road tires help cushion the impact of broken pavement, even if the twin-tube shocks aren't as forgiving.

However, the steering feels vague, the cabin is noisy, and there's still plenty of body roll.

After driving the Colorado Z71, which is a really fun drive, I think a lot of the decline in civility is due to the off-road kit.

Interior design of the Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss

  • At this price point, you will receive a simple interior. It includes a standard 11.3-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple Play and Android Auto technology, as is the case with all new Colorado models.

  • However, the cloth seats feel cheap, and there's a lot of hard plastic inside.

  • Even for a four-cylinder, the Colorado Trail Boss's fuel economy is average, at 21 miles per gallon.

  • And if you're wondering about the front end, it's standard. Chevy decided that the black plastic on the front fascia would be better off-road than metal and paint, which is more susceptible to scratching. It's a good idea, but it leaves something to be desired visually.

  • But those are the tradeoffs you have to make to get an off-road truck at this price. Honestly, even with the cloth seats, the Colorado Trail Boss is worth it. You will not find another truck that can afford this price.

Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss price

You can get into the Colorado Trail Boss for as little as $39,390 (plus destination) for everything listed above.

The beautiful Radiant Red paint costs an additional $495, and the $375 Convenience Package includes cruise control, bringing the as-tested price to $41,195.


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