New Mini Aceman: Details, specifications, and unveiling date for the electric car

The all-new Mini Aceman has been confirmed to be unveiled on April 24.

Mini has confirmed the launch date of its all-new Aceman all-electric car, as the brand prepares to enter the battle royale of small electric SUVs.

With the launch of the all-electric Aceman crossover, Mini is set to join a highly competitive market segment.

In this report, we monitor all the details related to the upcoming Mini electric car, starting with the date of its unveiling and other information.

New Mini Aceman Details, specifications

Launch date and prices of the new electric Mini Aceman

The Mini Aceman, which will be launched on April 24 at the Beijing Motor Show, also known as the Beijing Motor Show, is a car designed to fill the space between the new Mini Cooper and the larger Mini Countryman.

Which will go on sale later this year, starting at around £38,000.

The Mini Aceman is expected to go on sale before the end of the year after its unveiling on April 24. Aceman prices should be split between the Mini Countryman EV and Electric Mini Cooper SE, which both vehicles use the same 54.2 kWh battery. Given that these prices start at £34,500 and £42,080 respectively, the Aceman will likely be priced at around £38,000.

The three-door Mini Cooper Electric will initially be produced in China, but from 2026, both cars will be assembled in the UK thanks to a £600m investment in Mini's Oxford facility.

Upcoming Mini Aceman rivals

Measuring just over four meters long, the Mini Aceman will face a wide range of potential rivals, such as:

  • In addition to using the same electric vehicle platform as the new Mini Cooper, the Aceman is expected to take inspiration from its smaller sibling's larger electric drivetrain.

  • Now that that's been confirmed, the Mini will have a 54.2 kWh battery, which is probably closer to a 250-mile range.

  • MINI promises three new electric cars in the next 12 months

Mini Aceman Electric Design

Although the Mini Aceman is a new model, it will adhere closely to the latest design language already seen in the new Cooper and Countryman.

This is achieved through the use of several well-known design components with sharper edges and surfaces.

The latest images provide some new information, suggesting that the Aceman will likely feature the boldest look of any Mini on the market today, with an emphasis on style more than pure function.

This will be most evident by the fact that the cabin is narrower than that of the Countryman and has high headlights that look like they belong on top of the hood.

Being a fully electric car, the Mini Aceman will have the standard Mini floating roof effect created by hollowing out the pillars, along with an empty octagonal grille like its electric siblings.

The Aceman, unlike the Mini Cooper, will include framed windows and an angular wheel arch surround that disappeared in the latest version of the hatchback.

Mini will unveil the Aceman, a car with a new concept and a radically different design

Mini Aceman screens

Confirming that the Aceman will be closer to a crossover SUV, the front and rear screens are slanted more steeply than other Mini models. This should help the front screen as well, enhancing high-speed efficiency and aerodynamics.

New Aceman mini-size

  • With measurements of 4,075 mm long, 1,754 mm wide (without mirrors), and 1,495 mm high, Mini has officially unveiled the new Aceman.

  • This means it will be 150mm shorter than the Volvo EX30 and a number of other potential rivals. This puts it competitively with five-door superminis like the Hyundai i20, although the Kona is probably more expensive.

  • When Auto Express tested a seat in a prototype, they discovered that the Aceman had plenty of back-seat capacity, even for a six-foot-tall passenger, provided the wheels were pushed to the far corners of the bodywork. However, the trunk is fairly small and has a high threshold for lifting items.

Mini Aceman interior design

The interior of the Aceman is expected to almost resemble the design of the three-door hatchback. In the center is an incredibly thin 9.4-inch OLED circular screen that houses both the infotainment system and crucial driving data, such as speed and battery level, and is similar in design to the Volvo  EX30.

In addition, a variety of “Mini Experience Modes ” will be available, each with its own distinct soundtrack and changing the appearance of the screen and interior lighting.

Drivers can choose from the following settings in the Mini Cooper: Core, Green, Go-kart, Personal, Vibrant, Timeless, and Balance.

The new Aceman crossover will be a "concept for gamers", according to Mini boss Steven Wurst, who also stated that "the Go-Kart feeling will always be of paramount importance" in an interview with Auto Express.

Additionally, it was stated that releases are being planned by John Cooper Works The hot of the all-new Mini; Thus, the powerful VI with added sportiness may be the model that tops the line.

This is the most prominent information that Mini has revealed so far, and we will reveal more details as soon as the company reveals them.


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