Hyundai offers mid-size electric trucks in Australia this year

Australian roads are about to become even more electrified, with the Hyundai Mighty electric van set to join the manufacturers' growing fleet of electric vehicles by mid-2023.

The zero-emission Mighty is a mid-size truck with a steel bed and an approximate cargo capacity of between 1 ton and 3.5 tons. It comes with a 114.5 kWh battery that feeds its 120 kW motor and has the ability to recharge from 10% to 100% in less than 70 minutes.

The truck has a range of 240 km on a full charge, including an extended range with energy recovery in ECO mode.

Hyundai offers mid-size electric trucks in Australia
Hyundai offers mid-size electric trucks in Australia this year

The new truck will join the brand's other EVs the Kona Electric, IONIQ 5, and IONIQ 6, with expressions of interest going directly to Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA).

Mighty Electric is the brand's next commercial vehicle fleet after the XCIENT Fuel Cell, the brand's first hydrogen-powered truck.

According to Hyundai, heavy vehicles make up only 4% of Australia's national vehicle fleet but are responsible for 25% of all vehicle emissions in the country.

Electrification of heavy vehicle fleets is a priority consideration for the Australian government and industry. In December 2022, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced $20 million in funding for Global Express to build a "warehouse of the future", integrating BEVs into its logistics operations. The agency also provides grants for commercial electric vehicle charging infrastructure through the Fuel for the Future program.

Hyundai says this latest truck is another step in its transition toward carbon neutrality by 2045. The brand previously committed to ending sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035.

The Climate Council, in its 2022 Race to Zero reports, found that Hyundai is ranked seventh out of twelve major car manufacturers in Australia for its progress towards zero emissions, coming in well below other traditional manufacturers such as Volvo, Ford, and Volkswagen but beating out Kia and Honda and Nissan. and Mitsubishi.

“We are excited to announce the powerful electric truck for Australia as a major step in driving growth in zero-emission commercial vehicles,” said Ted Lee, CEO of Hyundai Motor Australia.


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