Mini JCW Countryman 2025...full specifications

Mini describes its 2025 JCW Countryman, or John Cooper Works Countryman 2025, as embodying attractive simplicity.

Oliver Helmer, head of design at Mini, used this phrase several times during the presentation of the new Countryman in Lisbon a few weeks ago.

After driving and testing the JCW version, experiences confirmed that this two-box crossover has a certain appeal.

Mini JCW Countryman 2025

The all-new third-generation Countryman is the largest member of the completely redesigned Mini lineup.

All three models - the traditional hardtop, the five-door Aceman, which will be available later this year, and the Countryman - have been completely redesigned as Mini moves towards electrification.

In this report, we review the full specifications of the new 2025 car.

Mini JCW Countryman 2025 specifications

  • Mini's Countryman is large, standing more than two inches taller and five inches longer than its predecessor.

  • It also has roughly the same footprint as the Bronco Sport, although the Ford's roofline is about four inches higher than the Mini's.

Power and performance of the 2025 Mini JCW Countryman

  • The JCW Countryman adds 312 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque to U.S. models, thanks to a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated exclusively to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive.

  • According to Mini, this combination can accelerate to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph, similar to a sports sedan.

  • On the road, it feels very fast. The engine is red at 6,500 rpm but produces power in the midrange.

  • This is useful because the gearbox takes longer to respond to wheel-mounted paddle shifters than you would expect from a dual-clutch.

  • It's better to change the gearbox from D to S, as it holds gears longer and does a good job of shifting itself on a winding back road.

  • A long press on the downshift paddle activates Boost mode, which activates all of the highest performance settings for 10 seconds.

Mini JCW Countryman engine

The majority of the 2025 JCW Countryman's engine note comes from the speakers, a sporty synthetic growl over the whine of the four-cylinder engine. Mini did not provide many details about the suspension changes that come with the JCW package.

Other than confirming that this version is the 2025 JCW Countryman, it has adaptive dampers and sports steering.

Even with the dampers set to their firmest setting, the JCW delivers good ride quality and good body control on the road. The steering is quick and precise, if electrically numb, and braking is reliable.

GCW Countryman 2025 design

Mini is known for its cartoony interiors, but the plastic replica of the Countryman's Issigonis-era dashboard is reasonably accurate.

In theory, the car is characterized by simplicity in design, which is something that some people who hate crowding and many details may like.

Buttons and touch screen JCW Countryman 2025

All the physical buttons are housed in a small mail slot below the massive dashboard display, a 9.5-inch dial that's claimed to be the first circular OLED display in a production car.

You'll use your old numbers to twist the ignition switch's skeuomorphic callback to the ignition switch, switch from Reverse to Drive, cycle through drive modes, or, happily, adjust the stereo volume.

For everything else, you'll need to stain that screen the size of a dinner plate.

This is where the "charismatic simplicity" starts to wear off if you cram in the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, stereo settings, climate controls, and navigation system.

What's more, the touchscreen was lagging throughout the ride while I was testing the car, and the GPS was constantly running a few seconds behind it — not ideal when you're the only tourist holding up traffic in the spiderweb center of an unfamiliar city.

MINI is all about customizing your car. That used to come in the form of stripes on the hood and a roof-sized Union Jacks logo, but the new Clubman has digital adjustments.

GCW Countryman driving modes

As a result, there are eight driving modes, each of which changes the font and color scheme on the screen, adjusts the ambient interior lighting, and plays a little song to indicate whether you're in Vivid, Core, Green, Timeless, Balance, Personal, Trail, or Go Kart mode.

Fortunately, the driver's head-up display shows your speed and GPS while the center display does the whole dance.

The Countryman is Mini's full-size model, designed to compete with other high-performance five-doors that have taken the American auto market by storm like the Invaders.

A line from the press release refers to the game: “Thanks to its versatility and increased dimensions, the all-new Mini Countryman is now classified as an SUV in the US market.” The previous Countryman was classified as a midsize car by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The upcoming new Mini JCW Countryman 2025 is a larger car than usual, which makes many people waiting for it.


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