A Chinese company unveils a car with an imitation of the Ford Bronco

The Chinese brand Jetour has revealed early pictures of the Traffler Carpent, a multi-use sports car.

Jetour operates under the supervision of Chery, an industrial giant currently classified as the ninth car.

Before the official launch, Jetour shared some details about the car.

A Chinese company unveils a car
A Chinese company unveils a car with an imitation of the Ford Bronco

What is our interest is the imitation design, which is clearly inspired by Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender.

The sharp front facade is bronco unambiguously, as the Jetour brand name extended over the network and is surrounded by two front lamps.

Even the shape of the hood is similar, although Traveler appears to have heavy bumps and square wheel arches.

with an imitation of the Ford Bronco

From the front door onwards, British taste is dominated by the effect of Defender.

This is also evident when seeing the car from the back.

Imitating Chinese design is not a new thing, and this is not the worst we have seen.

It is not even the first theft of Bronko we face.

But what makes Traveller interesting is that the exterior design is designed by a former Porsche designer.

the Ford Bronco

Hakan Saracoglu is responsible for the latest Jetour offers and previously participated in the design of the Kayman and 918 Spyder.

It is not ugly in any way, but is the design considered original? We will leave that to decide.

But there is much more to the car than its design, and Traveller has the ability to impress.

According to Car News China, traditional gasoline engines with a 1.6 and 2.0 -liter turbocharged charger will be offered, while the additional hybrid derivative will benefit from a 1.5 -liter engine.

A Chinese company unveils a car

The strength or performance numbers have not been provided, but Traveller will get an eight-speed automatic transmission or seven-speed dual box depending on the specified movement transfer group.


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