Tesla China unveils an EV charger inspired by the Cybertruck

Tesla China has unveiled an electric vehicle charger whose design is inspired by the highly anticipated Cybertruck, which was previously called the "Cybervault".

Tesla China unveils an EV charger inspired

Outside of its incredibly impressive range of cars, Tesla's range of car accessories has gradually become one of the most exciting offerings in the automotive market.

This extends to anything from phone chargers to the seasonal clothing you occasionally wear. Most recently, the company unveiled a brand-new EV charger with a Cybertruck-inspired appearance.

Last night, Tesla made the new product public in China via its Weibo social media account.

It has already caught on in China as one of the coolest chargers available.

Tesla China unveils an EV charger

  • According to Tesla, the entire product introduction will take place in two days, and more details, such as the pricing and specifications, are anticipated at that time.

  • Until then, it remains unclear if the new charger is just a modified version of the Tesla wall connector, or if it is a standalone product with a completely different set of specifications.

  • With the introduction of this wall connector, Tesla continues to make clear that the Chinese market is a high priority as it continues to look to expand its market share in Asia.

  • Earlier this week, the automaker finally brought the legendary Model S and X to the Chinese market.

  • While these will certainly not be significant sellers in the market, they will only increase the brand's presence in the country and will certainly gain them leverage in the incredibly competitive Chinese car market.

  • Tesla seems to be getting closer than ever to delivering the eagerly anticipated Cybertruck, which the Charger depends on.


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