A classic Bentley that has been left to rot in the garage for over 50 years has been found

Despite its condition, the car sells for a significant amount at auction

Finding rare classic cars that carry great value in ancient times on a treasure, whatever the condition of that car, it is modified, restored, and resold at auctions and succeeds in bringing a lot of money to its owners, including that classic Bentley.

A classic Bentley that sat abandoned in a garage for more than 50 years has been sold at auction for a staggering sum despite being left to rot all those years in tatters.

A classic Bentley

The late owner James Young has kept several classic cars in his garage since 1935 and this is the Bentley he parked after it failed in a race car in 1968.

Philip Bushell, a wealthy Australian tea merchant, bought the vintage car in 1935 brand new, then shipped it to Australia, where it stayed for two decades before returning to Britain again in 1954.

The Bentley was subsequently sold at a garage in Shaftesbury, Dorset, for £1,050 to local farmer James Young.

After the aforementioned failed MOT, the classic Bentley was parked in a garage from 1968 until the last year 2022, when a winter storm destroyed the roof of the barn.

A classic Bentley

Roger, the grandson of Mr. Young, and his wife, Linda, feared that the car would deteriorate even more, especially in the condition that it was a convertible, and decided to sell it at auction.

The family received numerous inquiries from classic car enthusiasts interested in buying a Bentley, despite the fact that it was covered in dust and would be prohibitively expensive to repair.

All told, the Bentley was sold for £58,000, which has increased to a total of £60,000 after fees and costs, while the new owner is expected to pay £100,000 to restore it to its former glory.

Richard Brumell of Charterhouse Auctioneers in Dorset said: “It was a fantastic find and we are delighted at the price it has achieved, despite the fact that I have seen and sold many barns finds over the years, this one far outstrips all previous finds.”

Linda described it as a "beautiful car" that brings so many memories for the family. "It was hard for us to part with this car, but it would be great if the new owner could get it back in working order and look after it again," she added.

A classic Bentley

It comes after the sale of a stunning Volvo to Hollywood icon Paul Newman. Additionally, a classic Mini that had been sitting in a dusty garage for 33 years was sold at auction for a whopping sum.


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