Florida is debating a law to install seat belts for dogs when they are in the car

The Florida Senate is debating a bill that would discuss how dogs can be transported in their parents' cars.

Florida is debating a law to install seat belts for dogs

Banning dogs' heads from car windows

Drivers in Florida may incur fines and penalties for mishandling dogs in cars.

The state Senate is considering a proposed bill that would make it illegal for drivers to carry a dog on their lap, or to stick their head out of a car window while driving.

As USA Today reports, the proposed House bill contains provisions that would make it illegal to transport dogs on exposed parts of a vehicle such as a fender, hood, roof, and trunk.

Provisions of the new law prohibit Florida motorists from transporting a dog in an open-top vehicle, exposing him to danger when driving at high speeds.

The new law also required that dogs be given a good base of ventilation while they are being transported by car, and provide them with safety from bad weather, in addition to placing them in a place where direct sunlight reaches.

If you wish to carry your dog with you in the vehicle, drivers are required by law to secure their dogs in a dog-sized crate.

In the same context, the dog is secured by a seat belt without prejudice to its neck, and a passenger can carry it during the flight.

Of course, the bill currently prohibits drivers from carrying a dog on their lap while controlling the vehicle.

And in that state, the proposed legislation faced stiff opposition from some drivers, who felt that the government should stay out of controlling people's cars and allow people a small slice of joy in the sanctity of their cars.


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