Tesla owns nearly 50% of the market share in Norway

Thanks to the excellent Model Y sales.

Tesla holds nearly 50% market share in Norway this month, thanks to excellent Model Y sales in March.

The American electric car maker has dominated electric vehicle sales in Norway for some time and hit another milestone this year.

Tesla owns nearly 50% of the market

Based on figures from the Norwegian Road Union (OFV), Tesla set a new sales record in March.

As of March 26, Tesla has sold approximately 5,639 Model Y units in Norway, surpassing its last sales record of 5,315 Model 3 units in March 2019.

Tesla sold 5,993 new cars in March, surpassing the last monthly sales record of 5,822 units set in March 2019.

However, there are only a few days left in the month.

So far in 2023, the Tesla brand holds the lead among passenger car sales in Norway.

7 565 units were sold by the company between January and March 26.

Volkswagen came in second with 3,072 units sold since the start of the year.

The Model Y leads passenger car sales with 6,911 units sold in the year as of March 26.

According to BilNytt.no, Tesla currently held approximately 46.4% market share in Norway in March.

In Norway, according to statistics from January to March 26, Tesla now holds a 34.1% market share, up from 12.2% in 2022.

Tesla's sales numbers for the month of March are largely attributed to the amazing price drop.

The US automaker slashed the price of the Model Y to NOK 120,000 ($11,569.98), which resonated with consumers.


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