Three beeps, if your car makes them, you should check them out

Abnormal sounds emitted by your car indicate that there is a defect in it, that it is in an abnormal condition, and requires an examination. In the following, we will display 3 sounds, if you hear one of them, you must check your car quickly.

if your car makes them, you should check them out

A sound is heard when the brakes are applied

  • When you hear the sound of iron friction when pressing the brakes, this indicates that your brakes have finished, and are in their final stages, as the pads have been completely finished.

  • However, there are other indicators indicating the end of the pads, such as poor braking, a drop in the brake fluid level from its original place, and a long braking distance.

  • Ignoring the repair results in huge damage, as it causes increased corrosion in the iron of the beam, which causes the beam to fall from its place, which leads to accidents.

The sound of the wheels while driving

When you hear a shrill sound emanating from the front wheels, and the louder the sound increases, the faster the car increases, and you may hear this sound at certain speeds only, and it disappears at other speeds, so do not ignore it, because neglecting it leads to preventing the wheel from moving, and it may lead to it leaving its place.

In the event that a slight sound is heard from the front wheels while they are running on unpaved roads, or during a sudden rotation, the fault is from the steering bars.

Professionals are able to determine the source of the sound, by raising the car and rotating the wheel by hand, and knowing the loudness of the sound in each wheel, to ensure the presence of damage, and the wheel is moved in and out to see if there is a fault in the steering wheel or not.

And you must determine whether the sound is permanent or is caused by bad conditions.

A sound is coming from the engine

It is important to get used to the sound of the engine in the normal state, and in the event that the sound of the engine differs, you must be aware of the sound different from the usual.

If you hear a whine from the engine, this indicates that there is not enough oil in the engine, or that the oil pressure in the engine is low. Also, if you hear a sound, you should monitor the oil pressure gauge.

But if the sound is emitted while driving at high speeds, or when pulling a high load, this indicates a defect in combustion, and it has several causes, including excess carbon in the combustion chamber, the inefficiency of the fuel used, inappropriate type of fuel used for the car, or high temperature. In the engine temperature, or the exhaust re-start system is not working properly.


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