New technology in New York City traffic cameras hear the sound of exhaust

In some places in the city, New York City has installed high-tech traffic cameras that can hear the sound of car exhaust.

New York City has installed, in some places in the city, traffic cameras with high-quality technologies that can hear the sound of car exhaust, the "shaman".

A number of traffic cameras have been upgraded with sound meters, to detect cars that cause noise in cars.

New technology in New York City traffic cameras

And according to what was mentioned by the Carscoops website, which specializes in car news, in the event that these cameras detect violations due to the sound of the exhaust, financial fines are imposed.

And the sound monitoring cameras can measure the decibels emitted by each of the approaching vehicles, and then determine if the sound is higher than the legal limits or not.

The cameras take instant pictures of the license plates of the violators.

Offenders are penalized for excessive noise causing harm to pedestrians, while first-time offenders face an $800 fine in New York City.

While people who repeat the same offense related to exhaust sound get a fine of $ 2,625.

Of course, not all traffic cameras support this feature, and for their part, officials do not disclose the locations of the sound-sensing cameras.

Studies have shown that the noise generated by the sound of automobile exhaust is not only harmful to the ear but is also harmful to mental health.

Noise also increases the risk of heart disease, in addition to causing high blood pressure.

Thus, New York City is trying to create a healthy environment for its residents.

In this regard, Eric Butcher, a city council member in New York City, said that vehicles with illegally modified mufflers and exhaust pipes that emit extremely loud noises have been a growing problem in recent years.

Speaking about the problem of high noise levels, New York City Mayor Eric Adams added: Noise pollution makes it difficult to sleep and increases the risk of chronic diseases.

As mentioned earlier, New York City isn't the first place to have sound-sensitive traffic cameras, as similar technology is already being used in London and Paris resulting in a slew of fines.


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