Learn about the dangers and dangers of smoking in the car

Smoking inside the car is harmful, whether the window is open or closed. Some may think that the use of electronic cigarettes is a better option, but when comparing them, we find that the two types have great harm. In the following, the World of Cars website presents to you the dangers and harms of smoking in the car.

As a smoker, you might think that just opening the window would solve the problem, but this idea is wrong, in the summer, the smell will linger, and if you do this in cold weather with the window open, you will catch a cold and get sick.

Opening the window may alleviate some of the smoking problems such as the passive smell, but the wind will cause ash to fly in the car, and in the worst case, this may lead to burning your clothes or car upholstery.

Dangers of smoking in the car
Dangers of smoking in the car

Smoking can also cause damage to your car, as it will become dirty with ash constantly flying, and the upholstery will smell very unpleasant.

Don't forget that smoking with children in the car is against the law in many countries around the world, such as Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, and parts of the United States.

However, even where smoking in a car can be legal, it is morally wrong to do so because of the harm it will do to you, to the people around you, and to your car as well.

And if you want to resell your car, the smell of cigarettes will greatly reduce its price.

So all in all, smoking in your car is something to avoid. But are electronic cigarettes the solution? Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should stop smoking in the car completely, even if cigarettes are electronic.

Many people think that electronic cigarettes are harmless, but this is not entirely true, as smoking them in the car means creating a cloud of smoke that causes unknown damage so far.

Smoking vaping (electronic cigarettes) in the car in the presence of children causes harm, not unlike the harm of regular cigarettes, children have smaller lungs, a higher respiratory rate, and their immune system is not fully developed, and this means that any harm that electronic cigarette smoke may cause to an adult will turn into Double damage to children.

Vaping can cause your vision to weaken while driving, due to the formation of the cloud produced by the electronic cigarette with a greater density than the clouds of smoke from a regular cigarette, and a few moments of electronic smoking may cause your vision to weaken.

The best advice is to avoid smoking in any form in the car completely, as it has become illegal in many places around the world


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