7 Easy tricks and ways to keep your car longer

Most drivers want their cars to last as long as possible, but whoever wants to keep their car safe and reliable with an increase in the number of kilometers traveled by car must check several things, including checking and changing fluids, keeping the battery full, and cleaning it constantly, not Repairs are never delayed, and other things that we will learn about in the following.

Easy tricks and ways to keep your car longer
7 Easy tricks and ways to keep your car longer

1. Car oil change

  • Certainly, since you got your driver's license, and to this day, experts advise you to change the car's oil periodically, and warn you against neglecting that.

  • Oil lubricates and cools the parts inside the car's engine, whereas constantly changing the oil and filter protects the metals from corrosion inside the engine, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in the engine's efficiency and its complete failure to work.

  • It should be noted that the oil change is according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

2. Monitor fluid changes

Engine oil is not the only fluid that needs to be monitored, as there are other fluids that require periodic replacement such as transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

Therefore, it is necessary to check and monitor fluid levels to be aware of all problems, such as leaks that may cause significant damage if not repaired. It is good to check the fluids in your car every two weeks.

3. Change the filters in the car

Filters prevent dirt from entering the engine, as air filters capture dirt and dust from the air, while fuel and oil filters trap sediment. The oil filter must be changed every time you change the oil, but the air filter must be changed depending on the environment in which you drive your vehicle.

It should be noted that the owner's manual for the car contains instructions on the appropriate time to replace the filters.

4. Car tire check

Car tires are the direct link between your car and the road, so it is important to check the air pressure and condition of the tires on a regular basis, as it is a guaranteed way to improve the fuel efficiency and safety of your car.

Checking car tires helps maintain their safety first, and then extends the life of the car second.

5. Maintaining the cleanliness of the car

It is especially important to wash your car in the winter, so that the winter slush does not cause rust, and thus corrosion in the metal.

6. Expedite reforms

Postponing repairs can lead to more damage to your car, for example, driving around with a broken water pump can cause the engine to overheat and suddenly fail.

Therefore, do not turn a blind eye to any malfunction that occurs in your car, but rather hurry to fix it before the matter gets worse and you regret it too late.

7. Park your car in the garage

  • Parking your car in a garage protects it from animals, plants, and pedestrians who could damage your car's paint or exterior components.

  • If your home garage is small and crowded with old things, it's time to think about increasing the garage space or parking the car in the nearest garage to your home.

  • It is also advised to cover it on cold days to protect it from snow gathering on cold mornings.

And don't forget, if any of you have a question about how to do something in your car, or when to change the fluids or filters, the first thing you should turn to is the manual, as it will help you in searching for anything related to your car.


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